Traffic Analytics for Out-of-Home Media

Advertising in a chaos. But in all chaos, there is calculation, and numbers do tell the tale.

Ooh | 12/11/2020
Blog Hashbrown

If you are interested in where I come from, it helps to read these short articles that talk about the Dangerous Days for Advertising and a compelling case, which I tried to make with data, technology and the application of the same.  

Hashbrown Systems has been involved with the good people of Out-of-Home media industry for far too long to call them anything other than that. There are two primary problems that I have identified: 

  1. Sell the audience, do not sell the space. 

I always ask the media owners and the people running the agencies that I know of, to sell the audience – the people, the customer, the consumer; though they always insist on pushing the size or the strategy associated with a particular place.  

Now don’t get me wrong – the placement, size, and the accompanying strategy is very important and in fact, key to a successful Outdoor advertising campaign, but it all comes down to naught if the correct audience is not targeted.  

This talks briefly on how to achieve that. 

  1. Where is the ROI? 

...or CPI for that matter. 

This is where we come in and we have earlier discussed many times about our device – the iRED. Here is the first look. But creating a technology is one thing, and making an impactful business solution that actually benefits a bit player as much as a major player, is an entirely another play altogether.  

Before we could advertise our traffic analytics services, we undertook a commercial project with one of the major Out-of-Home media owners in the country and the results were satisfactory enough for us to market the solution.  

Without much ado, we present our Road Traffic Analytics & Location Analysis services, primarily aimed at media owners to sell their media more effectively with numbers, measurements, trends, and analysis. 


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