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Dangerous Days for Advertisers – II

A Very Compelling case for Data-Driven, Tech-Fueled Approach to Advertising planning, execution and Brand Building.


Guru Cingh

Hashbrown Systems is one of the few companies in the world that does not have answers to all of your questions, but the answers that we have are true, correct and relevant to the problems we address. 

When it comes to the predicaments of Brand Managers, Hashbrown Systems is their vehicle for deliverance.  

We have amassed huge data sets of every geography we have worked for – from Kingston, Jamaica to Colombo, Sri Lanka and over 700 cities and towns of India.  


The Hashbrown Strength in Numbers 

Advertising & Marketing worldwide is suffering from lack of authoritative metrics. There is this existential need for precision. Numbers have to be correct, relevant and measure the impact of a campaign through correct attribution methods. 

We have all heard of Data Driven Marketing but how are you putting it to practice? 

Where are your demographics, circulation, impressions, pre-planning numbers and post campaign attributions? 

Where are the personalization strategies and how are they being formulated?  

These are actionable strategies – each of them requires a whole thesis – and Hashbrown Analytics is team of statisticians and mathematicians who have dedicated their life in solving complex problems through numbers. 


Data for Planning  

From road traffic data to airport – we capture and provide relevant data – segregated, segmented, classified and ready to be used for planning, allocation or attribution.  

Contact us to know more about our data repositories and if you are interested in passenger data for airports. 

These are three most relevant data inputs that must be considered to run a successful campaign.  




In our future discussion we will elaborate more on it – but for now it is sufficient to say that we provide those numbers for brand managers to plan and execute an intelligent campaign. 


Geographic Allocation 

Employ the analytics in meaningful way by applying geospatial analysis on psychographics and point of interest data.

Learn more about our Geo-Spatial planning tool here.

This perfectly sums up geo-location-based planning for outdoors and retail branding.


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