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Hashbrown Systems engineer software products that bring in efficiency into your business. Product engineering goes beyond software development and looks at user experiences, cost efficiency, cloud computing and role and application of data analytics for conversant business decision making.

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Hashbrown Systems’ Software Product Engineering (SPE) service builds software that improves core functions of business without disrupting daily operations. We are a software company with extensive experience in deploying machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing to build software products that make organizations more productive and profitable.

Software Development

Software Development

Design, build and deploy software that goes beyond features, logs and development but pays attention to user experience, performance, cost-competitiveness, and business outcomes. We build software that takes your business forward.

Application Re-Engineering

Application Re-Engineering

Software and application reengineering is integral to improving the quality of existing products. We add value by adapting new technologies, restructuring as needed and removing bloated or unnecessary elements from your existing system, by moving servers up to cloud and making software mobile-ready.

API Integrations

API Integrations

API integration is the connection between two or more applications via their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow systems to exchange data sources. APIs are eating the software and we help your software consume internal and external APIs to create seamless experiences for all users of your business.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering
Services by Hashbrown

Data is everyone’s business, and data engineering is a confluence of business intelligence, data warehousing and software engineering. Set up your data-driven ecosystem by tapping into our experience and expertise.

Hashbrown Systems’ bespoke data engineering services will build your own data infrastructure to support business processes, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives or optimize speed and flow of daily workflow with better database management.

Our team works to create algorithms, integrate them with organizational data sources, set up the infrastructure, create back-up policies, train your team, hire qualified resources where necessary, provide documentation and create clearly defined benchmarks for unhindered operational efficacy.

Methodical framework for planning and creating a functional/agile/high performing information system

Software Development and Engineering Life Cycle

Hashbrown Systems is a team of highly experienced programmers. The members of our team have been actively writing codes for over a decade and have adapted, negated, associated, and integrated various tools and technologies along the way. We thrive in fundamentals and believe in performance and stability. A tried and tested approach with clear communication between your business team and our product team lays the groundwork of all great software.

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Bespoke Software, tailored to meet specific needs of your organization.

Next generation software
product engineering solutions

The team at Hashbrown, creates codes in small chunks to limit communication between stakeholders, increase maintainability and improve clarity. We have learned to set rules on how to talk to each piece of code. Application programming interfaces (APIs, a standard for machine-to-machine communication), micro-services, and functions are all versions of this concept. This is akin to decentralizing the code base, allowing increased complexity while decreasing fragility.

This is new frontier of digital transformation where we have diverse teams from specialized fields working together with top digital engineering, design, analytics, and programming team to build software that moves your business forward.

Simple Products… run by complex software

API-Driven Development
Microservices Architecture

API-Driven Development

API-driven development is the practice of designing and building APIs first, then creating the rest of an application around them. It is a methodical means for connecting data to internal or external applications via reusable APIs.

API-first approach to delivering real business value to your enterprise.Read More

Microservices Architecture

We employ cloud native Microservices approach in which a single application is composed of many loosely coupled and independently deployable smaller services or components that communicate over combination of APIs.

How microservices benefit your organization.Read More

Human Centered Software Engineering Practices

Software Engineering

Our human centered approach in software product development puts the goals, needs, and wishes of the user in the first place. Usability is a critical factor in the final product and within an organization there are users from all walks of life and strata of society.

The inclusion of humans and their social context throughout development deeply influences how a software product is designed and built at Hashbrown Systems.

Over the past decade we have built software products around financial engineering, retail and location intelligence, and people who joyfully use our software range from a wall street banker to a daily wager installing physical media hoardings.

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Fields of Specialization, Industry Exppertise, Products & Platforms

A Hashbrown Presentation

A Consise introduction to Hashbrown Systems. The tools, technologies and platforms and prelude to some brilliant innovations and software products.

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We are a team of programmers, developers, designers, data analysts,
mathematicians, scientists, and engineers that will work with your
team to bring your idea to market.

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Outcome Based Approach to Engineering a Software Product.

Hashbrown Systems facilitate the creation of outcome-based software product. An innovative model where we work towards the results of the software product, service, or the platform rather than the product itself. We align our interests by taking ownership of the problems while you take ownership of the results.

'Well Done,' is what we strive for. Product that is complete, it is deployed, it meets the expectations, you get what you wanted, and you move on to the next item on your plate. This is what you hire us for, to provide what you truly seek - an Outcome

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