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We, at Hashbrown Systems, have developed a statistically sound AI-based sampling device- iRED that is capable of capturing traffic in intervals to identify and classify the objects for calculating ROI, impressions and viewership, determining socio-economic groups and ascertaining market segmentation.

Freshly Assembled
Outside View
Night Analysis

iRED by Hashbrown

The device in its elements and in the elements. An all-weather device, iRED is equipped to handle adverse conditions – rain, dust, heat, moisture. The images, compiled from different installations, represent a virtual lifecycle of the device. Click on each section to view iRED in action.

iRED in action / Videos from the field

Sample videos of various installations around India and Colombo, Sri Lanka. More information is available on request.

Outside View play_circle_outline
iRED at IISER Mohali

The first out of home installation of camera for traffic sampling and analysis.

Outside View play_circle_outline
iRED at Liberty Cinema, Karol Bagh

Algorithms and programmes were written to work smartly in Indian conditions. To maintain a consistent error rate has been a challenge.

Outside View play_circle_outline
iRED Colombo

The power of our deep learning model. It works as efficiently in Colombo as it does in Chandigarh.

Outside View play_circle_outline
iRED Ludhiana

As we advise media owners- as long as you sell the audience, the media will get sold. This is a spot with one of the highest returns on investment if a brand were to target middle to upper income households.

Traffic Movement and Estimation

Hourly, daily and weekly trends of traffic are essential to calculate impressions, views and circulations. A good metric helps in attribution and future planning.

Traffic Movement
Classification of Vehicles

Classification of Vehicles

Vehicular classification into Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs and Luxury cars helps in intelligent planning of media and provides valuable input for psychographic profiling.

Holidays and Weekends Trends

Sampling over a longer period of time provides a complete picture of movement of people and audience during weekends, festivals or holidays. These numbers help in dynamic pricing and discount adjustments.

Holidays and Weekends Trends

Traffic Analytics and Location Analytics for Media Owners

Business Presentation

A selective service proposal that details the methodology, process and the scope of the solution. Kindly contact us for details assessment.

Use Cases

Scientific numbers that are arrived at after painstaking research, rigorous sampling, testing and validation. The analysis can be used for pricing, planning, allocation and a whole gamut of other activities.

Use Cases

Dynamic Pricing

Traffic trends and psychographics, which provide a clear view of the audience, can be leveraged for better pricing and lowering of discounts with increased relevance.

Optimum Allocation

Media allocated as per audience will help in increasing budgetary allocation of the total spend.

Marketing Attribution

Data Mining of the surrounding areas and a thorough analysis of points of interest and pre and post campaign sales numbers would provide better attribution and actionable insights.

Campaign Planning

Access to first party verifiable and credible information would help design and implement a better marketing campaign.

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