Strategy & Consulting

Take total control of your digital transformation. Drive innovation, increase productivity, and strengthen your market presence. Turn your ideas into outcome. Go beyond proof of concept to building real products that people use.

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Things we do; provide competitive advantage to our clients.

Work with a team of builders, a team of professionals, a team with a proven track record of building transformational software products in areas of finance, retail, trading, and advertising.

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Industry Specialization

Location Intelligence

Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape is time-consuming and high-priced. We offer top software consulting professionals with a dedicated knowledge base and experience.Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape is time-consuming and high-priced. We offer top software consulting professionals with a dedicated knowledge base and experience eeping pace with the ever-changing landscape is time-consuming and high-priced.

Location Intelligence
Financial Engineering

Pre-trade Risk Controls and Asset Management

Access a team of Data Scientists, Developers and Analysts that has real world experience is solving mission critical problems for trade automation for NASDAQ, NSE, and NYSE. We help market advisories get a holistic view of pre-, at- and post- trade risks, across markets and asset classes.

Financial Engineering
Capacity Building

Develop your own Expertise

Strengthen your organization and incorporate new technologies, machine learning, data driven processes and automation. We help you build your own team, hire the right expertise, train them, provide know-how in running and maintaining complex software systems. And most importantly we are your back up team and help you with controlling costs. You get access to new stuff we do.

Capacity Building
Product Development

Take your idea to Market

Work with an experienced team that has taken idea to market successfully. Hire a team with real world experience building software that is being

Product Development
Enterprise Software.

Design, Programming and Development

Build organizational solution or apps for your customers. Improve the outcome, create better user experience and improve….

Enterprise Software.

Data Engineering Services

Data is everyone's business, and data engineering is a confluence of business intelligence, data warehousing and software engineering. Set up your data-driven ecosystem by tapping into our experience and expertise.

Hashbrown Systems' bespoke data engineering services will build your own data infrastructure to support business processes, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives or optimize speed and flow of daily workflow with better database management.

Data Engineering is expansive, and it costs a pretty penny to explore the possibilities. We help bridge the talent gap by bringing in a team with first-hand experience handling database management systems, cloud computing, IoT manufacturing and deployment, machine learning, and deep learning expertise.

Our team works to create algorithms, integrate them with organizational data sources, set up the infrastructure, create back-up policies, train your team, hire qualified resources where necessary, provide documentation and create clearly defined benchmarks for unhindered operational efficacy.

We have successfully provided data engineering services to trading firms, advertising agencies, food marketing companies, manufacturers, and integrated them into our purchasing, marketplace, and location intelligence software platforms.

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Data Engineering
  • DotNet
  • Python
  • R
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Adobe-Suite
  • Android
  • IOS

Media Software Strategy and Consulting - A Presentation

Strategy & Consulting Services

Work with a team with expertise in developing tailored solutions, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency for your organization.

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Adventures in Digital Transformation. Stories of success from Hashbrown.

Case studies from the world of business. We have partnered with clients from the world of finance, institutional sales, adverting, retail marketing and print industry, and helped them transform the way they work, serve their customer and create meaningful experiences.

  • IOT

    A Walk among the Outdoors

    A triumphant tale of putting IOT to work for Out-of-home media owners and advertisers.

  • Sales and Distribution
    Sales and Distribution


    An overview of digital transformation that employed cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning and location intelligence to create a constantly connected and data driven enterprise.

  • Advertising

    Ooh Monitoring & Audit

    This case study briefly analyses the first outdoor monitoring and compliance system for the largest outdoor agency in India by volume.

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We are constantly evolving, innovating and creating new products and services. If you have a specific problem that needs attention or you would just like to understand more about the scientific methods we employ, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

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