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Software Consulting

Hashbrown Systems brings specific domain expertise in the deployment of fintech platforms for market trading firms, digital operations platforms for business sales and distribution and media planning, audit and execution software systems for the advertising industry. From System Architecture to delivery, deployment, training and everything in between – we are responsible and accountable.

Hashbrown Systems is a team of programmers, developers, designers, analysts, mathematicians and scientists – a unique blend of talent and industry experience from the finest public universities and MNCs. Our fixed cost model, industry and business experience ensure cost-efficient, time-bound service delivery and software deployment.

Consulting Services & Solutions

Web Application Software

Web applications are software that runs over the browser. We facilitate rapid application development by employing appropriate web application framework, engaging the proper set of developers and programmers, associating the required compute resources for the cloud, i.e., VM, Web Apps, Database server, et al. and setting up benchmarking and protocols for continuous delivery at the client or user end.

We undertake development, deployment and integration with external services for payments, authentication, data processing, location intelligence, real-time communication and external process as a client may require, including setting up and using SSL and TLS encryption for secure servers and the application.

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Mobile App Development

At, Hashbrown, we build API-driven feature-rich mobile applications with serverless capabilities, on a cloud-first data model, that demonstrate low latency and are highly scalable. We design mobile applications that drive high performance. The apps are built with the end-user and business in mind, and variable network connectivity across geographies, interoperability with legacy frameworks, enterprise security protocols and compatibility with various screen sizes and OS versions installed across multiple devices.

Enterprise mobile applications that are data-driven, location-intelligent and incorporate e-commerce capabilities, payment integration and excellent customer engagement.

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Cloud Services

Hashbrown Systems is a cloud-first organization with authoritative experience in delivering computing services, integrating them with data sources in real-time, running complex algorithms for accelerated calculations, ensuring back-ups, defining redundancy protocols and setting up secure server configuration.

We help lower operating costs, build systems for scale and plan, modernize and migrate to the cloud. Cloud computing is a sacred dance between accessibility and security, and we support finding the right equilibrium for your organizational and software needs.

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Business & Data Analytics

Hashbrown Systems offers advanced business intelligence & analytics services. Make use of expertly-authored analytics reports, ask questions about your data, predict outcomes, visualize results, and share through dashboards.

Our expertise in comprehensive data analysis and intelligence, helps you discover new and elusive insights on industry trends and consumer behavior, understand data better thanks to visual representation and take informed decisions.

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For Hashbrown Systems, e-commerce was the next logical step as our key clients engaged us to build their digital sales ecosystem. We have years of experience in building business and organizational sales applications and platforms. Our process automation has put us in an exalted position to deploy e-commerce solutions for various verticals viz. B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C or DTC.

Modern e-commerce is a far cry from whence it originated. Speed, agility, performance, user experience and accessibility are crucial for customer engagement as security, privacy and application of data science and machine learning to drive growth and improve sales.

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Data Engineering Services

Data is everyone’s business, and data engineering is a confluence of business intelligence, data warehousing and software engineering. Set up your data-driven ecosystem by tapping into our experience and expertise.

Hashbrown Systems’ bespoke data engineering services will build your own data infrastructure to support business processes, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives or optimize speed and flow of daily workflow with better database management.

Data Engineering is expansive, and it costs a pretty penny to explore the possibilities. We help bridge the talent gap by bringing in a team with first-hand experience handling database management systems, cloud computing, IoT manufacturing and deployment, machine learning, and deep learning expertise.

Our team works to create algorithms, integrate them with organizational data sources, set up the infrastructure, create back-up policies, train your team, hire qualified resources where necessary, provide documentation and create clearly defined benchmarks for unhindered operational efficacy.

We have successfully provided data engineering services to trading firms, advertising agencies, food marketing companies, manufacturers, and integrated them into our purchasing, marketplace, and location intelligence software platforms.

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