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Software Consulting

Hashbrown’s in house talent includes expert software engineers, programmers, designers, analysts and cloud computing professionals, who make for an agile and adept application outsourcing team rich in experience and technical know-how.

Our multitude of experience building sophisticated enterprise applications, setting up full scale IT infrastructure, providing trainings and support to medium and small enterprises at economical costs makes us a reliable partner.

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Enterprise Application Development

An enterprise application can prove to be a crucial component, capable of further enhancing the existing capabilities of a deployed system or even provide an altogether new solution to automate the processes of an organization.

We design and deploy mission-critical software solutions for micro, small and medium organizations, scalable on the cloud as well as on-site.

Our customized solutions are user friendly, data centric, extremely secure and easy to maintain allowing you to be efficient without worrying about high costs.


Organizations, in their growth phase, often face two most common challenges: increasing manpower costs and the need to improve efficiencies in operations.

We utilize the power of cloud computing to develop CRM solutions that enable businesses in better managing and meeting the needs of their customers. Our centrally-managed solutions created for the outdoor advertising industry and marketing firms in institutional sales for the food service industry are a reflection of our capabilities.

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Cloud Migration

Our skilled and qualified team of professionals are backed with a rich experience in cloud migration. We specialize in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and have successfully assisted organizations in moving to and running services on the cloud in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner. Migrating to the cloud ensures agility, flexibility and scalability for businesses, allowing them to better serve their customers while being cost efficient

Data Analytics

Our brilliant team of data scientists, analysts and statisticians work hand-in-hand with programmers to create robust solutions based on data and analytics, thereby helping businesses in becoming data driven for achieving better performance. Our visualization solutions provide brand managers, for example, excellent tools in the form of dashboards that bring forth insights that aid in effective decision-making.

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Business Process Automation

Our expertise in automating complex business processes for small and medium enterprises helps them operate and scale up to compete with the bigger brands in the market. The use of technology to automate day-to-day, mechanical tasks creates an opportunity for businesses to improve efficiency and reduce errors. We help clients streamline operations, contain costs, improve service quality and delivery to better serve their customers.

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