‘When I paint, the Sea Roars
Others Splash about in the bath’


Hashbrown Systems was conceived upon the idea of providing completely customized solutions for emerging markets where business houses were either employing out of box software systems that were developed for and by the companies that primarily solved problems of developed economies or by not adapting to better, more efficient ways of conducting business.

And this is the story of how we begun this adventure and found ourselves doing things altogether unexpected.


It is a dangerous business, going out our door, but we ventured onto the road, and there was no knowing where we might be swept off to, and it all began in the land far away to the east, and the world we discovered was not in the engineering college books or business models of management schools but the crowded lanes of wholesale markets.

It was an arduous task to comprehend the problems and thereafter provide solutions that were not only effective but also simple enough to be used by lifelong employees of organizations. We dug deep to ensure proper training and provided extensive documentation, to ensure effectiveness, and efficiency without ruffling feathers and above all bringing technological innovations to more people.

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‘A man is born to work,
to suffer and to fight’


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