How to design an optimized marketing plan for a brand?

A short treatise on how to plan and execute a data driven geo-targeted marketing campaign.

Ooh | 09/04/2019
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Hashbrown Systems has considerable experience working with some of the major brands and a few of the top most outdoor advertising agencies in the country. Apart from the enviable experience that we as a software consulting company possess about the business, we are proficient in statistical computing and data analytics.  

We have been able to create bespoke software tools and applications for the customers that gives them better insights, and more bang for the buck. Without further ado, let’s try to comprehend the process.  


Buyer Distribution 

Let’s say you are Brand ‘A’ that markets canned and processed food to restaurants. You have an existing distribution network and a profile of your customers. Our demographic segmentation tool will provide a clear view of administrative units i.e. cities, districts or zones where the target audience most likely reside.  


Sales Analytics and Correlation 

The second logical step would be to look at the numbers and analyze the area where the sales and sales growth is not in accordance with the available market size.  

Hashbrown Systems’ comparative index tool will provide insight into how the sales and growth are lagging.  

City Restaurants per 10,000 population Sales (000s)
A 70 700
B 20 100
C 40 300
D 30 400

A cursory look at the table will reveal that location D is performing the best, followed by A, C and B.  

Since the data has been normalized, scaled and factorized, brand can further correlate with their distribution network and on ground presence to identity where marketing is required and that brings us to the marketing plan in itself.


Brand ‘A’ – Marketing Plan 

Our planning tool provides access to millions of points of interest data points for brand managers and their team to perform analysis by trying various permutations and combinations.

The locations thus identified can either be briefed to the agency or brand’s in-house marketing team.  



This is brief view of how we employ data analysis and location intelligence to create a plan of action that is efficient, effective and provides invaluable insights to ensure higher performance. 


Parting gift

Check out this video that tries to explain the process in an uncluttered and natural way. 


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