Advanced Media & Campaign Planning Platform as a Service

Bespoke application platform for data-driven campaign planning, media management, psychographic analysis and marketing activations.

Salient Features

The distinctive elements of our data-driven media planning platform. Design an outstanding campaign by targeting the right audience, in the right places and by allocating optimally across various media.

Demographic Evaluation

Determine audience based on gender, income level, age group, employment status and literacy. Target audience metrics may be further improved by combining other first-party data that you might have access to.

Recommendation Engine

Machine Learning based recommender system suggests highly pertinent areas for campaign activation. The engine compliments human intelligence to determine areas based on points of interest, demography, traffic trends, psychographic analysis and also provides estimated audience reach, impressions and circulation.

Media Selection

Sieve through available media or import media or create a suitable mandate for media planners. We provide clearly written APIs that enable inclusion of media of various formats – billboards, digital screens, uni-poles, gantries, cantilevers, transit, posters and non-classified media types.

Media Management Platform

Software that manages thousands of media types, spread across various geography, segmented according to consumer or audience or psychographic analysis / user persona. The decentralized nature of outdoor advertising and marketing makes planning over media formats, geographies and markets a challenge that is comfortably addressed and solved. The platform can be plugged into your existing ERP/CRM or can be your first step towards building a comprehensive media planning and management platform.


Billboards, Hoardings, Displays and related media formats

The system is compatible with all types of outdoor advertising structures including advertising pillars, uni-poles, gantry or cantilever. Various sizes, relative positioning and the quality of the media is clearly defined.

Transit Media

Buses, Trams, Metro and motion formats that cater to commuting audience or the audience that often comes in contact with transit media. The media on transit is highly complicated, extremely fragmented and in quite large numbers. We have formative experience with transit media advertising audit and monitoring.

Wall paintings and non-classified media

Special media format have special place in ATL and BTL campaigns and there are brands that specialise only in these formats. These formats shift, locations change and at all times brands and advertisers deal with a gamut of media owners spread across different geographies.

Integrated Platform for Media and Planning Platform

A successful out of home campaign requires harmonious entwinement of various stakeholders involved – media planners, media owners, media agencies, apart from the creative. Meridian is an open platform that integrates physical data such as media with demographics and location data for analytics and context.


Media agencies have years of experience running campaigns of various sizes, durations and budgets. The platform is an ideal place for them to plan a campaign around needs of brand and media availability.

Media Owner and Vendors

The platform allows for media to be qualified, audited, measured and contextualised according to the city, neighbourhood, points of interests and demographics that include gender ratio, age groups, literacy and employment information.

Brands and Advertisers

Advertisers have needs that shift with product category, customer and target audience. The platform is geared towards operations as OOH media planning requires coordination with multiple stakeholders simultaneously. It makes it convenient, effortless and efficient.

Contextual Planning and Psychographic Analysis

Qualitative research coupled with traffic analytics, points of interest data, demography and market segmentation.

Psychographic Analysis and Segmentation

The advanced platform brings millions of data points together and also makes it possible for user to integrate their own and other propriety data to analyse and take an informed approach towards media and advertising planning.

The market for branding and one for customer acquisition is totally different within the same geography and it shifts and changes. There is a lot of scope for experimentation and there is lot of scope for mistakes.

The software increases the scope and reduces errors by way of organised data, clean visualisations and inclusion of statistical tools for intelligent analysis.

Statistical Clusters

We deploy machine learning algorithms to create a statistically valid point for campaign activation. For an area with significant number of points of interest and sufficiently large target audience, algorithms recommend points around which media must be installed for maximum impact.

Clusters may be coupled with additional data for clearer decision making.

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Heat Maps for Activation

A lot of data can be layered and heat maps may be generated to provide specific areas for a proposed campaign. The areas are usable i.e. the areas can be converted into a mandate for agencies or the media planners to follow through.

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First Party Data

The platform employs the most valuable and the most cost-effective form of data. First party data is highly qualitative and most effective to help design a winning media campaign. It is also more accurate than anything provided by third party providers and most importantly there is no violation of user privacy.

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Lookalike Audience

The platform enables cohorts. Those cohorts could represent demographics and display similar interests based on user personas and other characteristics. The platform enables locating similar audiences in other areas and makes for a highly efficient planning process..

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User persona

User personas are fictional characters based on need of a campaign. User personas can help uncover new areas for activations. The platform has a built in feature to define and train machine learning models that employ user personas for area recommendation and analysis.

Psychographic Segmentation

Divide the audience into clearly defined groups, sub-groups, interests, consumer behaviour and various socio economic factors. Psychographic segmentation curates an optimized targeted plan. It also helps in developing new media along the lines of data driven insights.

Integrated Out of Home Technology Stack

The complete set of software applications and platform services to effectively and intelligently manage and administer all aspects of an outdoor advertising and marketing campaign.

Showcase Compass

Compass is a planning tool that showcases the best Hashbrown Systems has to offer when it comes to data analytics, application of machine learning into a commercial software, programming, development and mobile application design and deployment.

Media and Campaign Planning Platform as a Service

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A selective service proposal that details the methodology, process and the scope of the solution. Kindly contact us for detailed assessment.

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Our first deployment for U.S. Advertising Agencies was audited by KPMG and had been a great success in terms of exponential revenue growth for our client.

The business success of our client is the true testament to the capability of this software.

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