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Secure, Scalable and Fast E-Commerce Solution for Your Business

Build a sustainable e-commerce business and an omini-channel experience for your brand. Meet the demand of your customers; engage them with personalized offers and products, and process payments conveniently.

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What is

Hypermodern E-Commerce that Inspires Business Growth

Responsive applications that connect with your customers, deployed on cloud and personalized product line to serve their needs. Improve conversion, reduce customer churn and focus on sales and fulfilment, and not on IT infrastructure.

  • Data-Driven 

    Deploy Machine Learning algorithms for product recommendations, demand estimation, supply chain optimization and more.

  • Cloud-First

    Infrastructure on cloud is adaptable to business needs and scales on demand without exponential increase in cost or time lag.

  • Mobile-Ready 

    Customer journey happens on screens that come in all shapes and sizes. Address that with Mobile Applications, Responsive graphics and accelerated Mobile Pages.

User Experience
Personalized user Experience

Give the customer what they want

Empathize with your buyer. Understand the needs of your customer by employing data and machine learning tools on your platform.

A data-driven e-commerce platform accelerates growth in sales and revenue by capturing long tail products and categories, identifying characteristics and behavior of high churn customers and design personalized product catalogs.

Employ the power of First-Party Data and gain unprecedent insights about your customer.

Build your business on employing first party data and not by renting customers from google, amazon, fb or other platforms. Own the information and employ the data to position your brand, services and products in a precise and opportune fashion.

Build your own Digital Sales Ecosystem Discover New Markets, Reduce Operational Costs, Increase Revenues and Serve your customer

Build an omnichannel sales strategy that integrates the online, offline and sales representative approach of your organization. Accurate information in real time across geography will help you gain market share while reducing market discovery cost and automating a host of functions for your product sales and distribution.

Check out the case study for one of the leading brands that Hashbrown Systems works with.

Digital Sales Ecosystem

Mobile Application Programming and Development

A Hashbrown Presentation

A Comprehensive view of various tools, technologies and platforms that we have employed over the years to create various enterprise, business and consumer applications.

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Integrate Services in the API Driven Software Environment

An API (Application Programming Interface) is how organizations talk to each other. If you are a good seller and you get an order for delivery to a particular location. The payment would be processed by a payment processing company (think Stripe) and delivery would be made by a logistics company (think UPS). That is an as simple an example as it comes.

Host of critical business services - accounting, banking, logistics, purchasing, billing, even taxation - are now run on back of various organizational APIs. You can also build your own organizational APIs to connect with your buyers, sellers and service providers.

Your platform in essence is a host of APIs that do the job of accountant, merchandiser, bookkeeper, order processer, you name it. All the services are connected and work in tandem to create a harmony that propels business growth by doing things when they need to be done and identifying operational discrepancies as and when they occur. By judicious use of software and data analytics you integrate service that work in perfect harmony to accelerate growth.

At Hashbrown Systems we bring that harmony and build a future ready enterprise.

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API Driven Software Environment

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