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Digital Transformation, Data Science and Location Intelligence

Hashbrown Systems

Digital Transformation, Data Science and Location Intelligence

Turnkey IT Solutions, E-commerce, Mobile Applications, Location Intelligence and Data Driven Platform Services for Sales & Distribution, Financial Markets and Out-of-home Advertising industry.

Intelligent Business


Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.

- Edsger W. Dijkstra

Who we are


Who we are

At Hashbrown we conceive and design intelligent solutions for small & medium enterprises across multiple industries including financial services, media, retail and consumer goods. Our ever-growing basket of services includes Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Cloud Services.

With a decade of experience in software consulting, we take on complex business problems and solve them through technology, intelligence and power of data science.

Enterprise Software by Hashbrown

We help organizations transform the way they operate and the way they serve their customers. We deploy on cloud applications that are scalable, efficient and affordable.

     Hashbrown Systems fixed price model ensures no cost overrun and waterfall deployment ensures a smooth transition for employees, promoters and customers. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through documentation, training and code-transfer.

Data Driven

Extraordinary Outcomes with Data Driven Digital Transformation

Employed cloud computing, centralized operations and created an optimized sales mechanism. Improved product discovery for customers and pushed more products from the same brand. The organization improved revenue from product sales by over 125%, from 200 crores to over 450 crores.

Reimagined Business Sales to accelerate the brand as top contender in their Category

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Improved accountability and compliance and reduced pilferage to zero for the largest OOH Advertising Agency in the Country

Hashbrown Systems is a pioneer in application of location intelligence for the Out-of-Home media industry. Our client is the largest media agency by volume and services advertisers whose products reach the hinterlands, rural and semi-urban markets besides the big cities and towns. Our system ensures, eliminates pilferage and creates systematic accountability, which did not exist before.

Road Traffic & Location Analysis

Know your audience. Improve your ROI.

Measure, classify and analyze road traffic for better planning, effective branding and marketing attribution.


What is

Hypermodern E-Commerce that Inspires Business Growth

Responsive applications that connect with your customers, deployed on cloud and personalized product line to serve their needs. Improve conversion, reduce customer churn and focus on sales and fulfilment, and not on IT infrastructure.

  • Data-Driven 

    Deploy Machine Learning algorithms for product recommendations, demand estimation, supply chain optimization and more.

  • Cloud-First

    Infrastructure on cloud is adaptable to business needs and scales on demand without exponential increase in cost or time lag.

  • Mobile-Ready 

    Customer journey happens on screens that come in all shapes and sizes. Address that with Mobile Applications, Responsive graphics and accelerated Mobile Pages.


Software Strategy and Consulting

Digital Transformation that reimagines your Business

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Emerging technologies are disrupting all industries. Hashbrown helps clients reimagine their businesses and help them create value through their digital transformation journey. With over 10 years of experience in software consulting and platform development, Hashbrown systems has the expertise in providing tangible results to clients through business transformation.

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Our innovative Product Portfolio

Hashbrown Systems is a Product Company

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Our advanced range of products are built to meet the exceptional needs of our customers from a varying range of industries- retail, out-of-home advertising, location-based and machine reselling.

Our products demonstrate improved operational productivity, improved sales, reduced wastage and higher efficiency.

We employ data analytics, location intelligence, visualization and cloud computing to build meaningful products for businesses.

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