I don't know whether I am Turing dreaming that I am a machine, or a machine dreaming that I am Turing!

- Grand Master Turing


Welcome to Hashbrown Systems

Hashbrown Systems is privately held data analytics and software consulting company. We offer intelligent business solutions to micro, small & medium enterprises. We primarily serve financial sector, outdoor advertising agencies, and businesses that primarily cater to the hotel and catering industry.

We are one of the biggest providers of data analytics and related services to OOH advertising industry , pan-India and worldwide.

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market-ready PRODUCTS

Turning years of practice & experience into competitive products

We develop advanced products tailored to our customers in Retail purchasing & distribution, HoReCa, OOH, Location-based branding, Machine re-selling industries, to ensure they achieve 80% improvement in business process efficiency and 40% higher business growth.

Our product selection includes Purchasing.AI, LocationWise, Out-of- home Monitoring System, Browze.co, Machine Dalal, and more.

Make a difference

Software Product Development

Design, Develop, Deploy

From conceptualization to realization, we create best-in- class, end to end software applications. Marketplace for print and graphics industry, Ecommerce portal for HoReCa (food industry), AI-powered purchasing platform for business, and out of media monitoring and compliance application are some of our well-received products.

Our Services

Intelligent Business Solutions

Leaner, Smarter, Faster

Hashbrown Systems creates the highest level of efficiency possible in management and operations of an organization. Our expertise in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Software Development has helped us create some breakthrough products for insurance industry, outdoor media planning, OOH monitoring, and foodservice industry.

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Intelligence & Analytics

Research, Analytics & Visualizations

We provide advanced data analysis, market research, and visualization services by building internal systems that capture, clean and organize company’s internal data in a more comprehensive format.

Using tools such as D3js and PowerBI, we create better decision-making tools for a business.

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Software Consulting

Enterprise Expertise & Experience

Hashbrown Systems designs and develops software for companies that either do not have a set of skilled and seasoned programmers or do not have the requirement to have an in-house team of software professional and data analysts.

We program on-demand, bespoke software development that also includes deployment, training and support solutions.

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