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I don't know whether I am Turing dreaming that I am a machine, or a machine dreaming that I am Turing!

- Grand Master Turing

Who we are


Who we are

At Hashbrown we conceive and design intelligent solutions for small & medium enterprises across multiple industries including financial services, media, retail and consumer goods. Our ever-growing basket of services include Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Cloud Services.

With a decade of experience in software consulting, we take on complex business problems and solve them through technology, intelligence and power of data science.

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Application Development

Applications for the future

Hashbrown Systems creates futuristic technologies which work at the intersection of cloud, intelligence and analytics which help small and medium enterprises to take on complex challenges and deliver business value.

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Application Development

Intelligence & Analytics

Insights-driven advantage for your business

Unlock new business models and automate your processes with the help of Hashbrown ‘s data, analytics augmented intelligence and IoT capabilities. Enhance your decision making and improve your processes with the integration of analytics and visualization of information.

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Digital transformation that reimagines your business

Emerging technologies are disrupting all industries. Hashbrown helps clients reimagine their businesses and helps them create value through their digital transformation journey.Over 10 years of experience in consulting, Hashbrown has helped its customers achieve tangible results through business process transformation

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Cloud Services

Accelerate your digital journey through cloud

Our cloud services help small and medium enterprises scale at break neck speed across all environments. Our seasoned development team is adept at providing migration services across platforms and environments

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Market-Ready Products

Turning years of practice & experience into competitive products

We develop advanced products tailored to our customers in Retail purchasing & distribution, HoReCa, OOH, Location-based branding, Machine re-selling industries, to ensure they achieve 80% improvement in business process efficiency and 40% higher business growth.

Our product selection includes Purchasing.AI, LocationWise, Out-of- home Monitoring System, Browze.co, Machine Dalal, and more.


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We are constantly evolving, innovating and creating new products and services. If you have a specific problem that needs attention or you would just like to understand more about the scientific methods we employ, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

Hashbrown Systems is always at your beck and call.