Purchasing & Ordering Software

A convenient application for order generation and purchasing management. The app is used by individual retailers and purchasing manager to manage their daily purchase cycle.


Features at a Glance

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Create Order List

Add as many products as you wish in standard or custom PO templates.

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Consolidate Orders

Map products with different vendors for managing your orders better.

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Manage Vendors

Add as many vendors as you wish to easily map out your purchase orders.

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View Order History

Take a look at previous purchase orders for accurately anticipating future orders.

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Check Order Status

Update status of shared orders as per activity, and also add a note for future reference.

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Configurable PO template

Hundreds of PO templates to meet your industry-specific ordering format.

Who uses Purchasing.ai

Sole Proprietors

Purchasing.ai can effectively manage orders for any SME or large enterprise, from the corner neighbourhood store to a grocery chain. It is a platform for conveniently sending orders to suppliers and distributors.

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HoReCa Businesses

Hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses use purchasing.ai to keep up with information on products and track past orders. Purchasing.ai can generate orders, send orders, and manage vendors-all from one place.

Healthcare Organizations

Private medical organizations utilise purchasing.ai to streamline the procurement of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment, ensuring the availability of critical resources.

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E-Commerce Brands

Purchasing.ai can effortlessly manage hundreds of vendors and suppliers and thousands of SKUs for any e-commerce company. It streamlines product data for better inventory management and avoids delayed orders, wastage or shortage.

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