Location Intelligence & Mapping Solutions

Hybrid maps for a modern location aware Enterprise Systems and Applications. Deploy Hashbrown Systems’ advanced location analytics for process optimization, asset management and connect geospatial analysis with Business Intelligence tools to build a transformative Geographic Informative System.

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  • OOH Advertising

  • Sales & Distribution

  • Market Planning

  • Logistics

  • Visualization

Brands, Outdoor Media Agencies and Owners
Location Aware Mobile Applications
OOH Media Monitoring & Audit
Out of Home Media Monitoring System
Real Time, Location aware outdoor media monitoring software that manages advertisements, vendors, clients and campaigns.
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Distribution and Sales Rep Management Platform
Integrated platform for brands to manage their sales, distribution and order consolidation. Manufacturers and marketing companies can manage their total network and delegate efficiently.
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This is a planning tool designed for and aimed at outdoor media agencies, media planners, campaign managers and brand owners. The application analyses millions of data points at any given time to provide intelligent insights for relevant stakeholders to plan an effective outdoor or BTL campaign.
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  • Customer Segmentation for Discounting

    Leverage location data to analyze customer behavior and discover new discounting patterns

  • Point of Interest Data for Geomarketing

    Employ point of interest data for creating a data driven marketing campaign.

  • Reduce Lead time for Purchasing Orders

    Optimize the ordering flow of your organization based on the order cycle and optimize deliveries in a much more efficient manner.

  • Logistics Planning for Supply Chain Optimization

    Affordable and scalable solutions that will overhaul the overall logistics operation and improve supply chain of your organization.

  • Asset Tracking

    Applications and platforms to track organizational assets that are distributed over a larger geographic area.Also track manpower, goods and delivery of government services.

  • Design and configure sales territory

    Draw and redraw sales territory as per demand and supply. Our solutions direct you to a cleat point of action whence sales are concerned, for e.g. do you need a sales manager or an accounts manager?

Industry Solutions

At, Hashbrown Systems, we have built state of the art products and solutions that solves problems of logistics, audit, monitoring, planning and analyses by leveraging the power of location data and geospatial analysis.

Here are some of the products


ERP / CRM / Accounting Integration

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Deploy and integrate geospatial data into a bespoke location intelligent platform or integrate into your existing ERP / CRM. Weather it is outdoor media monitoring, sales and distribution order tracking and personal management, logistics or team management – leave it all in the fine hands of Hashbrown Systems to deploy it on the cloud for seamless delivery of services.

We have successfully integrated location enabled platforms with Quickbooks, Tally, Sage and Zoho Books.

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Monitoring and Audit Case Study

This case study is a recap of how we built one of the most robust media monitoring system in the country. While we were lucky that our first client happened to be an agency that was the largest in terms of volume, the challenges at one point seemed unsurmountable.

Now, we are the only software team that handles transit media with élan. If you are a volume player and you have thousands of locations and data points that need constant analysis and that data needs to be served expeditiously and scaled, look no further than Hashbrown Systems, where we build Data Driven Platforms - built to perform and scale.

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Location Intelligence – The Hashbrown Edge

Business Experience in Mapping and Spatial Analytics

Hashbrown Systems has years of industry experience in developing and deploying location aware systems, applications and solutions for various brands, business and government organizations.

Location Intelligence – The Hashbrown Edge

Cloud First Approach and High Availability

The solutions we build are agile, scalable and our cloud experience gives our customers a huge cost advantage when it comes to either expanding or contracting certain processes.

Location Intelligence – The Hashbrown Edge

Data Engineering

Hashbrown Systems hosts an extremely qualified team of Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians.

We work with huge sets of financial data and bring the same expertise to everything else we do.

Location Intelligence – The Hashbrown Edge

Platform Agnostic

The solutions that we build are platform agnostic, which means you can use any mapping platform in the world or not use a platform at all, the delivery of services, information and insights will happen for your organization.

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