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Dangerous Days for Advertising

A Compelling case for Data-Driven, Tech-Fueled Approach to Advertising planning, execution and Brand Building.


Guru Cingh

In this two-part article, we will look at the perils faced by advertising industry at large and conclude by showcasing our capabilities as a company that can be your vehicle for deliverance.  

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the following recent headlines –  

‘These are Dangerous Days for Advertisers’  

– Group M 

‘The Advertising Industry has a problem: People hate ads’

– Tiffany Hsu, New York Times 

‘Existential Need for Change’  

– Jay Pattisall, Principal Analyst, Forrester 

‘We over-invested in digital advertising’  

– Adidas 

And I must add, ‘The young urbane spender, who the advertising agencies crave the most, they not only hate advertisements, they are willing to pay to not view them.’ 

It does leave the advertising agencies and brands in a bit of a quandary, now there are other momentous problems with digital advertising. Something that is not even visible in fine print. 

  • Brand Safety  
  • Fake News 
  • Viewability
  • Fraudulent BOT traffic 

These are some self-explanatory points and since our readers are either discerning or irrelevant, it is okay if they are self-understood. 

Apart from the above there is this unreliable impressions data from Facebook and Google – a fact to which even both the companies admit to – in fine print of course. 

Does data support your feelings or do feelings support your data? 

Need for attribution 

There is a need for attribution in advertising. There has always been a demand, a sort of want you may say, but in the times of peril, when either the advertising dollars are limited or thinly spread or both, you can a lot worse without attribution. 

The question is not about if you have tools, expertise and understanding for marketing attribution for brand tracking. The question is not about advanced econometrics models that will perform brand tracking before, during and post campaign.

Ah! Well the question is about that.

Advertising is about hit or miss – but it is also about how much of a hit or a miss a particular campaign was? 

Where are the lessons from your past campaigns? 

Are they quantified? Where are your circulations, demographics and impressions? 

Each problem that we have discussed warrant a discourse of its own and there is no magic potion that will solve it all, and last time I checked, Hashbrown Systems did not have an elixir that answered all of the above.  


Show me the numbers 

Hashbrown Systems builds and deploy statistical solutions that keeps agencies and brands well informed. We have amassed huge data that has been verified, classified, clustered and segmented into millions of POIs.

In the concluding part of the discourse, we will discussion on how employing Automation and Machine Learning technology can streamline and centralize operations, make business process less managerial and more operational. 

… stay tuned 

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