Sales & Distribution Network

for a leading food production and marketing company

Tools, Techniques & Technologies

  • Data Analytics & Machine learning to analyze structured data.
  • Location Intelligence and Mapping for demand distribution of hundreds of SKUs.
  • NLP/Ai for identification and classification of SKUs whilst capturing demand at source.

The entire infrastructure is managed on Microsoft Azure Cloud and the good people of Hashbrown have created an agile, efficient and constantly connected enterprise.

Client Profile

Annual Turnover ~ 200cr+

Founded in 1995

SKUs – 500 +

Our client is a major manufacturer and supplier of processed food, condiments and sauces to food service industry. The company also procures directly from marginal farmers and Agri-producers, besides their normal supply chain. This altruistic policy does add to their logistics.

The company had grown organically from a single distribution point and single product to working with over 200 distribution partners around the country besides export partners in the South Asian market.

As of now, the client manufacturers, packages and supplies, over 400 SKUs to over 10,000+ retail points.

The Next Phase of Growth

Our client was competing not only against an onslaught of domestic and international players but the market forces that increased attrition rates in the sales and distribution department.

They needed a partner that would understand how their process worked and the migration to any new system was to transpire without retrenchment of existing workforce.

Hashbrown Systems proposed a bespoke cloud enterprise solution with zero software procurement cost and no user/usage licensing fee.

The secure system runs on the client’s servers with scheduled physical back-ups and extracted efficiencies across the total spectrum of the company in the areas of

  • Demand, Order and Distribution
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Waste Reduction
  • Lead Time and Logistics
  • Sales of Long-Tail Products
  • Customer / Market Acquisition

The secure system runs on the client’s servers with physical back-up at their location. The agile and scalable system handles all forms of sales transactions, improved ordering mechanism across the company’s spectrum, increased logistics efficiency and improved.

Dealer, Distribution and Brand

Greater Synergy through Stronger Relationships

We deployed an AI model based on natural language processing that identified demand at source and streamlined order generation for distributors and suppliers. Distributors were able to deliver higher volumes at greater frequency for similar capital allocation.

The company had grown organically from a single distribution point and single product to working with over 200 distribution partners around the country besides export partners in the South Asian market.

  • Direct Orders from Suppliers, Vendors and Distributors.
  • Orders from retail consolidated and routed to their respective suppliers and distributors
  • Order Consolidation through market representatives.

Demand automation, consolidation and integration ensured greater transparency at all levels and faster turnaround from the Brand to the distributors.

Centralized Operations

Hashbrown Systems developed enterprise applications for the web and mobile that centralized sales operations for our client.

A secure hierarchical structure was deployed that reduced the need for managerial oversight. The direct cost savings were dwarfed by increase operational efficiently and flow of information between teams distributed geographically.

Efficient flow of information resulted in efficient flow of goods and logistics and demonstrated significant reduction in wastage and spoiled goods.

Improved Supply and Distribution

Adaption of advanced analytics and integration into the CRM, provided insights that demonstrated faster routing of goods from manufacturing facility to the distributor.

The brand was able to capture demand on time and consolidate the total requirement of their partner distributor. Products that met the required criterium were shipped directly to the distributor.

On-demand consolidation also enabled faster fulfilment from the Brand.

Conversion to Prepackaged Delivery Model

Application of Data Analytics and Machine learning algorithms on demand and delivery cycle of each SKU mapped to the point of sale, indicated data that enabled our client to try prepackaged models at high demand dealers and outlets.

  • Unfastening Demand for Brand’s Long-Tail Products
  • New Market Identification for Penetration

Optimized Distribution

By analyzing demand and by increasing the frequency of delivery, we created optimized ordering cycles that unfastened demand for Brand’s Long-Tail Products.

There was significant reduction in wastage, lower product returns; and in their two primary markets -- trials for Real Time fulfilment were conducted, by applying predictive analytics on customer data and behavior.

“ There was remarkable improvement in direct and indirect sales. We were able to discover new markets and allocate marketing resources in a much more optimized way. Hashbrown Systems has superabundant market data – this was the most surprising discovery. They ensured zero manpower retrenchment. A primary requirement of ours. Today, we lead the market by miles in our categories, with one of the largest food production company in the world, a distant second.”