Out of Home Media Monitoring System

World's best outdoor media monitoring software to manage advertisements, vendors, clients and campaigns
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Vendor transmits on the ground data by smart phone application. The information is verifiable and tamper proof.

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Advertiser / Client

The advertiser has a 360-degree view of the campaign and gets up to date information by way of regular visits by internal auditing team and through vendors.

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The management portal has access control for vendors, field executives and clients besides options to generate reports and manage daily activities.

OOH Monitoring Mobile Application

For managed solutions we build a customized mobile application for your executives, or we employ our own team of executives who use the application to transmit on the ground live data to the agency, from where it can be assigned to the clients.

Location Verificaton
Location Verification

We employ two factor authentication to authenticate the locations of the hoardings and billboards. The application stores and transmits verifiable information even in offline or low coverage area

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Executive Tracking

If you are using a custom solution for your own team, you can track and monitor your team to calculate TA/DA.

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Images & Videos

You get geo tagged images as well videos if you are advertising on local cable channels, and require verification of advertisements

Real Time Address Verification

Location and Address Verification in Real Time

OOH Monitoring ERP

Cloud based customized management software for your team to manage all the data and

information of clients, brands, vendors, field executive and campaigns.

Manage campaigns by assigning geo tagged images to brand. The client is provided separate access to view those. Due diligence, and verifiable information of a campaign is key in keeping the client satisfied.

Manage your team of executives, create as many members. A customized solution is good for a team of almost a hundred people. Also manage their movement, to calculate TA/DA and to ensure due diligence

Save location data, campaign history, and create customer reports. You can manage over 100,000 locations and their history, and collect valuable data for future campaigns
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Client Access

OOH Monitoring System is provisioned with client access. The advertising agency may provide for direct access through portal / website or agency branded mobile application.


Check out below screenshots of LocationWise mobile app. It lets you save date, time, and location co-ordinate data upon your images to help you preserve memories or evidences.


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So far, we have worked with only two clients and between them we manage over 100,000 locations, spread over a thousand cities all across India. You may click the links below to check out their respective applications or contact us for a demo.

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