Location Verification Made Easy!

Add time, date and GPS coordinates to pictures while capturing them with
LocationWise. It turns images into permanent, irrefutable and tamper-proof evidence.
So, this app is great for before-and- after work verification with a timestamp, or to
"punch-in" at job sites.


This app is awesome!

Save the date, time and location information on your photos using LocationWise. It enables you to add opulent watermark and comments to not only verify location but also save them from imitation. So, whether you want to add a stamp to preserve your moments or use them as an inspection evidence- LocationWise is the right solution for you!

Date and Time image
Date & Time Stamp

Auto insert date and time stamp on pictures so that you remain connected with those adorable memories of yours.

Bulk Modification image
Bulk Modification

Update same date, time and watermark stamp to multiple images with one tap. It saves your time and efforts.

Watermark Stamp image
Watermark Stamp

Add unique watermark to your pictures such as logo, etc. to bring authentication, and avoid imitation.

GPS Stamp image
GPS Stamp

Get GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude) on the photos to mark them with a remembrance.

images Evidence image
Images as Evidence

Use photos with stamps and comments to add more value to your inspection reports

Shoot Video image
Shoot Video

Record videos as an evidence or to capture your happy moments with date, time and GPS stamp

Location Image

Salient Features

This nifty mobile application incorporates intuitive features and enhancements to let you augment captured images with different stamps and watermark. Here are some key highlights of LocationWise that make it your go-to app for location verification or evidence collection.

  • Capture with inbuilt Camera Inbuilt Camera Image

    You will use your phone’s inbuilt camera only to capture photos. Nothing additional required.

  • Control Over Stamps Stamp Image

    Choose a perfect stamp from the selection of stamps, and alter it according to your image theme.

  • Simple Interface Simple Interface

    Capture a photo or add stamps right from the home screen of the LocationWise application.

  • Real Time Sync Image Real-Time Sync

    Click images with phone’s camera, and it will get real-time synced with an app for further actions.

  • Gallery ReportImage Reports

    Get all image data in csv format, and send them as an evidence with your inspection report.

  • Complete PackageComplete Package

    It’s a single app which provides you all the stamps i.e. Date and Time, Signature and GPS to capture any moment or record any evidence.



Check out below screenshots of LocationWise mobile app. It lets you save date, time, and location co-ordinate data upon your images to help you preserve memories or evidences.

LW screenshot1
Home Screen
LW screenshot2
Image Details
LW screenshot3
Edit Details
LW screenshot4
LW screenshot5
Saved images

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