The Beacon is Lit!

First look at iRed, a smart camera invented by Hashbrown Systems that captures traffic metrics and employs the best, the brightest and the available of Deep Learning capabilities of the company.

Ooh | 05/07/2019 UTC
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For the nerdy folks out here, seeped into Tolkienism and Lord of the Rings, our joy knew no bound when a major player in outdoor advertising industry asked us to develop a smart camera, tentatively called, Beacon.

We knew we had to do it. 

If not for overcoming technical challenges that would range from actually building a hardware from scratch, programming components of the device, making the device weatherproof and managing connectivity, not to mention countless hours and thousands of dollars spent ordering parts from all around the world to ‘fit’ our needs.  

No, no, no… not for that.

We had to do it, so we could write that sweet title and bring to life a certain fantasy from Gondor.

In our earlier insight – access herewe had shown but a glimpse of what Hashbrown Systems has been up to in the realm of outdoor advertising.

This is another step that we are actually proud of. The good people of Hashbrown invented a device. It is not some CKD that was repurposed. It is a small, yet strong step for the wonderful folks of Hashbrown. 

We have uploaded a video of the live feed on YouTube for everyone to view how the device performs in real time.


We have two devices live providing pertinent data and helping us evolve the system further.

For obvious reasons we have not shared technical details beyond a self-congratulatory pat on the back and an obligatory blog that would shed some light.

Feel free to contact us to know more about the smart camera. To mis phrase Theoden, ‘The Beacons are lit, and Hashbrown shall answer’

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