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Application Platforms for brands, manufacturers, distributors, vendors and suppliers to manage sales, ordering and purchasing. Equipped with Hashbrown Systems’ advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities, our distribution systems lower lead time, reduce wastage, increase turnover and overall profits.

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Smartphone Applications and Platforms for Sales, Purchasing Order Management


Brands Manufacturers

A sophisticated and data-driven platform for your brand to connect seamlessly with your distribution channel. Quicker order process, lower lead time and valuable insights to enable informed decision-making.

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Distributors Suppliers

Cross Platform solutions for vendors and distributors to manage, process and automate regular orders. Efficient management of supply chain network with reduced reliance on manpower.

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  • FMCG



    Industrial Parts

A Success Story

Hashbrown Systems’ hybrid cloud and data engineering strategy created an agile and dynamic environment for one of the most prominent canned food brands in India, which eliminated operational inefficiencies, lowered order processing lead time, reduced wastage and broadened communication between the brand, distribution, supply, retail and the consumer.

Case Study

Brand Superiority

Real Time

Real Time Integrated Platform

Connected platform to run all your services and applications in real time.

Cloud First

Cloud First

Open, flexible and secure environment to run sales and distribution of your products.

Data Edge

Data Edge

Access to intelligent dashboard for insights and data-driven decision making. Own your data, own your analytics.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Cross platform mobile apps to receive orders directly from suppliers or sales reps.

Bespoke Programming

Bespoke Programming

We Design, Develop and Deploy personalized solutions that are agile scalable and adaptable to the rapidly changing technology environment.

  • Optimize Inventory

    Optimize Inventory

    Take demand and supply into account to increase the number of SKUs and reduce your capital expenditure.

  • Turnover Ratio

    Increase Turnover Ratio

    Analyse and improve turnover ratio through effective inventory management and accelerate profitability and cash flow.

  • Supply Chain

    Reduce Supply Chain Lead Time

    Employ machine learning and predictive analysis to send and receive orders and reduce the lead time for your supplies.

Distribution Advantage

Constant Connection

Retailers, dealers and stores stay connected through our platform to send and receive orders.

Distribution Advantage

ERP/ Accounting Software Integration

Export sales orders into your accounting software and process them in accordance with your rules and discounts.

Distribution Advantage

Constant Connection

Retailers, dealers and stores stay connected through our platform to send and receive orders.

Distribution Advantage

Faster Turnaround

Increase inventory turnover by receiving and processing orders faster and more frequently.

The Hashbrown Advantages
Business Experience ICON

Business Experience

We have considerable experience in design and deployment of sales, order and distribution system.

Proficient Team ICON

Competent/Proficient Team

An experienced team of highly skilled professional ensure quality, consistency and security. A team that acts proactively for a successful deployment

Location intelligence ICON

Location intelligence

Expertise in spatial analysis and mapping adds capabilities to our system to analyze sales growth trends and plan logistics.

Data Analytics ICON

Data Analytics

Hashbrown Systems has an accomplished team of data analytics, scientists and engineers that have been working on advanced technologies in the realm of finance, advertising and retail.

Cloud Computing ICON

Cloud Computing

Our journey in cloud computing began in 2012 and has grown ever since. With numerous cloud deployments over various industry segments under our belt. Hashbrown Systems makes for a reliable and smooth technology partner

Technical Competence ICON

Technical Competence

With years of experience in application development, cloud deployment and automation, we are one of the few organizations that have the skills and technical knowledge to build such systems at scale, successfully.

Intelligent Sales and Distribution Network

A Hashbrown Presentation

A quick look into the diverse tools and technologies that create a robust sales, order and distribution network.

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