Building a Team that Helps Your Mobile Application Grow

For a successful consumer mobile app, growth is an essential function of the team.

All things Hashbrown | 12/21/2021 UTC
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Most ideas start strange until they become a part of everyday decision-making. Airbnb expected people to open their homes to strangers and Uber wanted people to ride with them. People have been sharing their houses and cars way before UBER and Airbnb came to the scene, in fact, every service listed on Craigslist could have been a software product, but that is for another day.   

Growth in mobile app technology has evolved over the last decade or so.   

In the early days, mobile screens were uncluttered and sparse. Now a regular phone screen looks like a virtual Times Square with every mobile app out there jostling for that little space.  

Today, growth has evolved too: you have growth teams, growth hackers, growth hacker conferences. For a successful consumer mobile application - growth is a professional and formal function of the team.  

Having said that, it doesn't come easy, or cheap.

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First and most importantly, you cannot just throw money at the problem. Most start-ups die from paid marketing addiction than lack of money or product market (mis)fit. Not to say that paid marketing does not have a place in the growth process, but it does not work by itself and can be addictive as it shows immediate results.   

Building additional channels of engagement is essential to growth.   

As we work with new products, emerging markets, scenarios hitherto unknown - we understand the need to grow is as vital as the need to retain capital or defer expense.   

We help with creating effective communication for the product, work out a definitive strategy to onboard your first user and guide you in building a creative team, propose features that cause network effects and provide available data to make informed marketing decisions.   

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Hashbrown Systems is an actual practitioner of the art of building and running mobile applications. Check out our portfolio of products and the apps on the Play Store and App Store respectively.  

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