The First User First

Onboarding the first set of users to fill the gap between mobile development and scaling the app.

All things Hashbrown | 12/21/2021
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Your idea could be a social app, a marketplace, software as a server (SAAS), or a workplace tool. In one form or the other, the purpose of your mobile app is to connect users in various environments; after all mobile apps are for mobile phone users.  

From conceiving an idea to the development of the application - is but a small part of the journey of a mobile application's success. The success of your idea lies as much in building a good product as in the adoption of the idea by the user.   

Think of UBER without drivers or Tinder without singles.  

A marketplace would need the right mix of suppliers and consumers for the time and geography it serves.   

After you build, and before you scale, you will need your first set of users.   

Sometimes it is hard, other times very hard and in few cases nigh impossible.   

The first set of users decides whether the product fails or wins. If done correctly you would be surprised.  


Machine Dalal was built as a marketplace for buyers of used offset machinery, but we had designed a well-organized seller platform. So, we targeted the sellers and were able to solve the supply side of the problem.   

As of now - the marketplace has sellers from the US, the UK, all of Europe, and Singapore, selling machines to users worldwide.   


We have had success building and scaling mobile applications, and lessons have been learned along the way and those lessons are of extreme value for our customers as well as for us.  

At Hashbrown Systems, we build mobile applications that work. We execute your idea and we are your team if you are looking at rapid prototyping to evaluate the idea, meet investors or gain the first set of users.   

Your first organic user is the most critical of users and as the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the path to a profitable mobile application starts with the first user.


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