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Getting it Right from the Start- Customer Experience & Written Communication

From the very beginning, the success or the failure of a digital product depends on how it is perceived by its stakeholders- most critically customers.


Lenin Samuel

In many ways, product communication is inseparable from the product itself. From the very beginning, the success or the failure of a digital product depends on how it is perceived by its stakeholders- most critically customers.  

The data says it all. Over $400 billion is lost to terrible writing every year.  Heavy e-commerce competition has made customer loyalty rather fickle. Over 67% of customers, according to a Forbes report, expect businesses to anticipate customer needs and build positive emotional experiences. While 38% of customers, according to a Gartner survey, will simply shun a product if the brand experience seems inauthentic. The market for digital products is definitely getting heated –especially with the pandemic-induced disruption.  

A customer's perception of a product is largely shaped by their experience, and written communication plays an expansive role here. The stakes are high and getting written communication-driven customer experience right from the very beginning gives businesses a long-term advantage on several fronts.  

Brand Definition-  

Written communication defines branding. The deliberate tone, as well as proper English and solid grammatical skills, position your product as a serious contender worth their attention. Without these, customers might assume that the organization behind the product cannot do a good job- seriously hurting customer acquisition.     

Establishing Loyalty-  

Authenticity and honesty in communication together create a fertile ground to promote customer loyalty. Clear written communication facilitates trust between the product and the user. Expectations are managed better, goals defined, problems stated and solutions arrived at ease- well-written standards enable this.  

Knowledge distribution-  

Distributing and amplifying the brand message and product information using well-written communication is very efficient. Name it- your product update, app store description, customer journey, and marketing collaterals all depend on well-drafted written communication.  

Your product’s success and business growth depend on high-quality written standards. At Hashbrown Systems, our experience with building digital products has also taught us valuable lessons in communicating the product to the user. Along with building a user-centric product, we can also help you in drafting high-quality user-centric written communication.

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