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Why Did We build Hashbrown OOH’s Monitoring & Analytical System?

At the heart of OOH Hashbrown Systems' technological feat is a mission to build trust based relationships backed by tech.


Guru Cingh

We are optimists. We believe that technology can help us be a better version of ourselves. Now, this is not borne out of naivety, but out of a very realistic understanding of human behavior and society.

As a tech company, we have observed both the good and bad, but never the absence of tech. It has become a part of us, in a way human society is already a sort of a silicon chimera. Our mission then becomes that of harnessing the meaningful aspects of tech to fulfill human needs. And what do humans crave the most in society? what reinforces communities and helps them be resilient?

The simple answer is ‘Trust’. It applies in all fields of life, and technology has a role to play.

We believe that the future of OOH resides in the ability of industry stakeholders to inspire trust and build transparency. That is why we built Hashbrown OOH Monitoring & Analytical Systems to act as a technological catalyst.

Our entire platform has three trust enabling features-

1) Traffic analysis- Reliable information is the bedrock on which trust is built. As a tech firm aggressively invested in trust enabling technologies, we built our own artificial intelligence guided camera (I-Red) to give our clients unprecedented access to foundational datasets.

2) Intellectual Resource- An integral part of our effort is our intellectual resource. Our team of data scientists, mathematicians, and developers have built extensive datasets and Point of Interest (PoI) maps to identify and reach the targets that you have in mind.

3) Real-time monitoring and reporting- Communication begets trust. Without this, our entire work would be ineffectual. This feature enables sharing information on the move and when sought. Key to the overall trust-building exercise. With this, members of the OOH industry can share vetted and auditable information with collaborators seamlessly.

Till now leading firms like US advertising & Bubna advertising have incorporated our trust-building technologies. An exercise that benefited them both in the area of business and relationship building.

If you would like to know how we can help you in strengthening your business and in providing a trust based-relationship advantage through technology, let us know.

Visit our website to know more about our work and clients.

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