The Value Proposition of Transit Media in Advertising

Hashbrown Analytics’ data-driven approach to Transit Advertising ensures higher exposure, measurable impact and reliable branding.

Ooh | 01/27/2021
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There is so much malaise in the economy right now, that it would be difficult to look for any sort of silver lining in the advertising world – be it for advertising per se or out-of-home media advertising in general. Even though the demand in the latter is creeping up slowly, a clear case for advertising in transit media cannot be made.  

Or maybe there is an attractive side to it, that advertisers are missing? 

First, and that is a fact, there are only so many impressions available on the top of the funnel for Facebook, Google and their respective properties. We will not even talk about the impact of Apple’s iOS 14 update – as that would render a lot of ad-spent on digital media useless.  

Secondly, you advertise where the consumers are.  

If you follow a data-driven approach, you must look at transit as a viable option for a lot of reasons. Though transit media may not work for all psychographic segments, but it would be for some definitive scenarios – if we are looking for employed population of a certain area – chances are you shall find them commuting using transit media.  

The challenge of course, remains. The advertisements have to be targeted to the right demography, displaying characteristics and behavior that shall enamor them to the advertiser.  

This is where Hashbrown Systems steps in. We have deep local expertise in developing methods and processes that help determine consumer behavior, ROI, media mapping and target specific analysis.  

Click here to take a peek at our report for Delhi Metro Pink Line. It defines the audience, behavior and a provides a whole lot more information that would make a hard case for advertisers to allocate higher resources to out-of-home transit media.  

Contact the Hashbrown Analytics team to discuss geospatial mapping and analytics solutions for your advertising business. 


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