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Sustaining Innovation in OOH Audit & Monitoring

Hashbrown Systems has built a world-class OOH Audit & Monitoring system that is easily customizable to suit the needs of various stakeholders.


Guru Cingh

What is a sustaining innovation?

OOH media witnessed a meager 1.2% growth in 2017. One of the major roadblocks in the growth journey of OOH media among all other media is the lack of measurable techniques and sophisticated software tools.

Full Year growth

A sustaining innovation is a solution that improves the existing condition of a previously invented solution that is already in place. Sustaining innovation essential takes a company through good-to-great phase of growth, by eliminating process errors, closing any loopholes that exist in end-to-end project monitoring, ensuring 100% compliance of implemented solution, measurable campaign planning methodologies and accountable audit systems that are built on the foundation of real-time monitoring, high-tech data capture & integration, and advanced data analytics.


Customization of the System: A Method to Madness

Hashbrown Systems has built one such system for OOH audit & monitoring, which helps existing systems to create better value. With its efficient audit process, real-time tracking of campaign assets on the ground, and advanced performance analytics of traffic data, the OOH audit & monitoring system serves one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies by volume – Bubna Advertising. “Bubna’s OOH monitoring suite has over 100,000 locations from all over India; we have successfully managed campaigns and clients since 2013, using the monitoring application”, said Sushil Bubna, about our OOH audit & monitoring system. As explained in a previous post, there are user-friendly Apps. and cloud-based ERP tools built as part of the solution for Vendors, Agencies, and Brands – who are now able to run more efficient audit processes and ensure compliance.

The robust system is capable of customization, thereby, channelizing dedicated resources of Hashbrown Systems towards solving niche problems of a variety of clients.

The cloud-based solution is especially useful to Brands because it completely eliminates any scope of uncertainty in asset performance. It is interesting to note that globally, location-based OOH displays account for the largest numbers among other OOH displays, such as, Billboards, Street Furniture, and Transit. In 2018, there were total 1,316,054 displays on location-specific assets such as Arena & Stadiums, Cinema, Shopping Malls, etc.

Home Display Count

Source: OAAA, May 2018


Hashbrown Systems excels in its suite of enterprise applications – many of which cater to location-specific innovations with groundbreaking use-cases.  We’ve shared some details about the system in a previous post. To know more, please get in touch and we’d be glad to connect with you.

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