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Out-of-home (OOH) Advertising Audit and Monitoring System

Hashbrown Systems has built a world-class OOH audit and monitoring system that is efficient, effective, and it works. Audited by KPMG and accepted by industry leaders, it is the world's best OOH audit


Guru Cingh

Advertising spend across all channels in the Asia Pacific region reached a whopping USD 200 Billion in 2017, largely driven by China and India, largely due to the prolific growth of FMCG, BFSI, automobile and e-commerce sectors in the regions. However, advertising spend in out-of-home (OOH) medium is one of the lowest standing at just 15 percent among all other mediums – TV, radio, digital, and others. One of the factors for lower spending in OOH medium is the lack of trust and lower accountability.

Hashbrown Systems has built a technology powered sophisticated audit system that ensure 100 percent quality assurance of an OOH campaign. This verification process has been audited by one of the Big4 firms – KPMG and has been accepted by industry leaders.   

Audit System: Efficient, Effective, & it Works


A major pitfall that has remained a roadblock in the path of realizing full potential of OOH advertising spend is also the issue that the audit system addresses & eliminates.

Hashbrown Systems also provides value-added OOH monitoring services to the three key stakeholders in the OOH advertising sector, namely - Vendor, Agency, and Brand. This article aims to explain the process and tools used in the audit system:



The OOH Audit System is built to handle thousands of media assets in image format. This data is pushed to servers for processing and is made visible to Brands, starting from campaign start date.



Agency – Agencies can monitor asset media quality shared by vendors on daily basis, as well as monitor progress of self-audit exercises from the campaign start date. The OOH Audit System does a great service to connect Agencies with Vendors and Brands, and stay connected to their field executives, thereby leverage the benefit of a connected platform.

Vendor – Vendors capture all on-the-ground data that is tagged with physical location address and GPS coordinates.  The data is verifiable and tamper-proof. Vendors share data via smartfone applications that are synced with the ERP tools that are being accessed by Agencies and Brands.

Brand / Advertiser / Client – Brands have a 360-view of campaigns and they receive up-to-date information shared by their internal teams and vendors.


Outdoor advertising audit is a key process in the end-to-end advertising campaign management. Hashbrown Systems built a world- class audit & monitoring system that fits right in the middle of the end-to-end OOH campaign management process:


An added advantage of the OOH Monitoring System is that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather is built to provide customized solutions to Brands and Agencies as per their specific needs and business goals.

Hashbrown Systems built some of the featured OOH audit and monitoring Apps. for Bubna Advertising and US Datamaps. Moreover, the audit system is available at low cost to own. To know more, contact us.

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