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Ooh | 09/23/2019
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Hashbrown Systems performs pioneering research in developing analytics algorithms and platforms that gauges mood, quality and quantity of traffic.

Before we could analyze traffic, we had to measure it, and to our dismay we figured there were two ways of doing it.

One, have a person stand on the side of the road and record the traffic. And then manually count it. 

Two, develop a camera that would count, segregate, segment and classify the traffic automatically.  

And Hashbrown being Hashbrown. We did both.

First, we had people stand on some selected locations in Delhi and we manually counted the traffic and we discovered some amazing insights. The report is available if you contact us, as a reward to people who read what we have to say. 

And then in our effort to automate the whole process, we invented an all-weather camera that transmits data at regular interval for intelligent analysis of traffic. You can read more about our escapades here - The Beacon is Lit!



Traffic Analysis performs yeoman’s service to the cause of a successful out-of-home advertising campaign. It quantifies everything for an advertiser and a marketer. He does not have to rely on generalizations, but cold hard numbers backed by videos and analyses.

Since, this is one of our more proprietary techniques we will refrain from discussing it, but you can always contact the good people of Hashbrown for a real - world demo.


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