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Machine Learning in OOH Planning

A brief look at the fundamentals of machine learning and how Hashbrown Systems is building a planning tool by deploying and applying artificial intelligence in out-of-home planning.


Guru Cingh

Part I – The Opportunity

Machine Learning in simpler terms application of artificial intelligence systems that learns and improves with experience. Think of it as Skynet, out there to save the human race from itself, and since by logic we, humans are our own worst enemies, well, I think you get the idea.

Even though we are yet to be hit with the full force of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world, Machine Learning already is one of the most fundamental and fashionable obsessions of the tech and tech related industries.  

At Hashbrown Systems we have explored the realm of Machine Learning, coupled with Data Analytics to create a marvelous product for Out-of-home industry. You may read about that in our case study - Compass 

For the esteemed reader we shall take a step backward and try to explain some of the fundamentals of Machine Learning and paint a clearer picture of how it solves some of the key problems but particularly the one that plagues the planning stage of any outdoor advertising campaign.  

The Opportunity lies in detecting recognizable patterns. Patterns that are based on sound models created not my raw data but rather data cooked with care. The science of image recognition that we have demonstrated, could be employed in identifying meaningful patterns for media agencies, brands, and planners. 

A planner may be looking at particular set of demography, have other characteristics in mind with regards to income, expenditure, coupled with thousands of points of interest in a particular geographic area. The expected results can be quantified and converted into a model that would spit results like a llama. 

A process that usually takes hundreds of hours would be accomplished in minutes.

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