How are we strengthening the Ooh Ecosystem?

Ooh is a resilient industry that cannot be replaced by device screen limited marketing.

Ooh | 08/31/2021
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As a bespoke- tech company with over a decade of experience in transformational technologies, we have successfully strengthened the operational and technological concerns of the OoH industry. Bubna Advertising has been our key partner from the very beginning, and we would like to share few valuable lessons and our solutions.

1)Pilferage and lack of transparency have been the industry's gravest operational and reputational challenge.

2)Absence of an industry-centric vision remains a major concern. It allows the formation of an information bubble that breeds mediocrity.

3)Treatment of technology as a peripheral service; when in reality it is the nucleus of growth strategies.

Our clients were concerned about these issues and we resolved them by providing a cost-effective and pragmatic digital transformation roadmap.

The result -

1)A robust and cost-effective end-to-end campaign management software that is precise, auditable, convenient, and tamperproof.

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2) As part of our bespoke technological solution process, we hold client management at the highest level. We closely work with our clients to identify possible areas of improvement, and one such discussion led to our data-driven planning tool- Compass.

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3) As an Indian firm, Hashbrown Systems’ benefits are not just limited to cost-effectiveness and innovation, we are also creators of Made-in-India hardware.

This is vital for two reasons:

1) Our hardware is built to withstand Indian conditions and challenges

2) Our clients consider it a matter of pride that they use locally made high-quality hardware.

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