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Align sales coverage with opportunity

It is always better to do research based on real facts and figures, before allocating your resources in field.


Guru Cingh

During the annual sales-planning process, managers determine how to invest resources to capture expected demand. The first step is to cover the rough allocation of resources across markets on the basis of their overall potential. But instead of applying salesman invariably across customers, managers use insights about growth opportunities and recommended coverage models for various market types to rethink their resources distribution.

Micromarket analyses give a lot of new opportunities, so the challenge for organizations is how to help a sales force effectively customize their message and materials to the opportunity. Companies should identify a group of micromarkets that are identical in certain parameters. For instance, the market of two Y cities (Jalandhar and Amritsar) could share similar characteristics. The challenges of all sectors are different, consumer spends a significant amount of time in research before buying services like telecommunication, car brands and insurance. However, audience are less prone to surfing the web for diapers, toothbrush and popcorns. Presence of these goods are prominent in market, here comes the role of our planning tool.

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