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The people, the process, a little bit of history and who we are and what we do

All things Hashbrown | 02/03/2021
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Hashbrown Systems is a multilateral organization with multidisciplinary expertise from product design, software consulting to data engineering. Even though it is important for us to tell the world about what we do, it is also essential to know who we are. What sets us apart from other similar and greater organisations.  

Who we are clearly defines our values, what we stand for and I personally feel that sticking to a lot of core beliefs has helped us not only grow our revenues but also create an organisation with extremely low attrition rate both for a number of clients as well as for the people who run and maketh Hashbrown what it is. 

This is the original about us and the text, images, content and quotes remain unchanged for closer to a decade now. We were inspired by Dali and Tesla. Though it is apparent we are not closer to any in art or in the field of science and engineering, but our inspirations are true.  

Today we have a team of highly skilled professionals, who build and design products, platforms and services. But that is not what sets us apart. What sets us apart is this team of varied talent, experience and expertise that works together - like the dwarves of Middle-Earth -and designs and deploys products of unparallel software engineering in a cost-efficient manner.  

Now I agree it is a bit of hyperbole, but this is one of those – don’t knock it until you have tried it – team of builders and software architects. And if you are in the market and looking to hire a team to transform your idea into an application, without further ado contact us


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