The business world is crowded, complicated, noisy and the market is constantly evolving. The way we market ourselves, the way we advertise, the way we speculate and hedge our bets, the way we distribute our products and services; everything is in a state of flux.

Hashbrown Systems is one of the few companies that has a dedicated team of designers, application programmers, data scientists and analysts; working together under one roof, creating software for people and professionals in sales, advertising and financial markets to get their job done.

We do this well, in some cases, We do ‘it’ better than anyone out there.

When we decide to create a product, perform an act or provide a service to our client, why do it unless we provide competitive advantage to our client? Someone starts a café down the road; the cappuccino isn’t better than the other guy.Why do you open a café, if your cappuccino isn’t any better? If the product or service is worse than what is out there in the market, then why do it?

Every decision we make for our customers, provides competitive advantage. At Hashbrown, we have considerable domain expertise in the field of programming, application development, data analytics, statistical computing, location intelligence, real time communication, cloud computing and financial market execution services (both NSE and NASDAQ).

Men and women before us, the giants on whose shoulders we stand today, dedicated their lives in pursuit of excellence in art, in science, in medicine. Their confidence and scientific rigor gave us penicillin, the incandescent bulb, the jet engine.If they could dedicate their lives to achieve the impossible, so can we.

At Hashbrown Systems, we have tolerance for failures, willingness to experiment and psychological safety that provides mental toughness to stay positive, excited and enthusiastic to create products that are innovative, interesting and in equal parts, fun.

And that is our Vision.

But, how do you sell the vision and stay realistic? Two words,

Intelligence & Honesty

Those two are the core values of Hashbrown Systems.

There is so much lying in the software industry. Argue, you may, that technology does not lie. Technology does not lie and then we have slides, graphs and presentations predicting the future. They put a post in the future and show a virtual path to reach there.

How can you predict the future? No one can. At Hashbrown we are honest about it.

We are men and women that employ scientific rigor over anything else. We believe in and practice scientific research. We do things, till they get done. When we create something, we put it all to it. There is tremendous amount of learning that happens at Hashbrown Systems. Here we study more, we train more, we experiment more, we fail more, and we have a constant connection to what we do.

We believe in science, technology and human intelligence. We bring that to every project we undertake. At Hashbrown we emphasize and employ applied mathematics and statistics to the business solutions we design and to do that we work with researchers with formal qualifications in their respective fields.

We never present graphs, numbers and valuations that are based on hypothesis and presuppositions. We do not predict the future to further our growth. We do not lie to our investors, to our clients, to our customers and most importantly, to ourselves.

Passion, without intelligence, without objectivity, without methodology, is not sufficient. Our ability to go beyond does not stem merely from emotions and excitement. It germinated over the years through our interactions as technology partner with the stakeholders of the discrete industries we do business with. The extensive industry experience and the scientific expertise that we bring to further the growth of your organization, is how we are able to sell the vision and stay realistic. While we are constantly enthusiastic and excited about technological innovation, we are self-aware about its limitations in the real world.

This is at the core of Hashbrown Systems. The core values that define us are, intelligence and honesty. The core does not change. Markets evolve, technology evolves, people come and go, but the core of this organization does not change, we stay true to our core principles. We choose to follow these standards and hope support follows from our clients and customers.

Our inordinate reliance on scientific principles coupled with thorough understanding of business practices, creates value, uniqueness and detaches us from the competition. For years this has kept us enthusiastic, excited, innovative and in constant pursuit of excellence.

A company that has scientific foundation in place to propel your business forward. A team that has character, integrity and ability to create value for your organization. Experience, expertise and people who have immediate connection to what we do. This is Hashbrown Systems.

And this is who we are.