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Order Management Solutions for Brands and Distributors – IV

Mobile Applications, Portals and Integrated Solutions to send and receive orders.


Guru Cingh

Without adding much to the overture, let’s examine how Hashbrown Systems, ingenuity and engineering, the three things that often go together; can solve much of the problems plaguing brands and product marketing companies.  

The image below demonstrates the distribution for a brand.  

This image has an added component, called warehouse

There is a whole lot, which is missing here, in terms of manufacturing, outsourcing, packaging, logistics et al. and all of it is vital to business success. 

Our solutions are simple and intuitive and affords convenience at the most important part of the delivery chain. We reduce the pertinent information time lag that exists between demand generation and order generation.

There is definitive time lag between demand generation and order generation.

Demand is whenever the retailer decides that he needs additional supplies, but the order is created later.

This information gap can be drastically reduced to the benefit of both brands and suppliers. 

Knowledge of demand is a pertinent information and helps immensely in planning, forecasting, logistics besides reducing wastage and increasing margins. 

Hashbrown Systems’ order and distribution system strengthens the existing relationship between brand, distributor and retailer.  

We have iterated and reiterated the benefits in terms of  

  1. Lead time reduction / Lower latency 
  2. Demand forecasting for brands and distributors
  3. Reduced wastage, resulting in 
  4. Efficient space utilization 
  5. Lower Capital allocation 
  6. Diversification of Shelf-Space 

Identification of New Markets – demand generation is captured at the lowest level i.e. at the point of consumption. Once a brand has sufficient data – it can act upon it on local level.




This is a solution that strengthens the supply and distribution chain and improves upon it consistently. Besides, it removes inefficiencies in the form of delayed orders, shortage, wastage and ineffective use of space and capital. 

This is NOT AN AGGREGATION solution. 

There is no exploitation of data. Exploitation that results in introduction of like products in the same market as brands. 

We do not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.  

Besides, brand is able to serve the areas where geography prohibits active participation of the sales force. 


Application of Natural Language Processing for Order Automation and Packaging

Items from thousands of SKUs can be instantaneously identified and processed. Product information, which is seldom clearly defined below the brand level can be mapped to a certain measure of accuracy with the correct product.  Items from thousands of SKUs can be instantaneously identified and processed. Product information, which is seldom clearly defined below the brand level can be mapped to a certain measure of accuracy with the correct product.  

Packaging requirements at the brand level can be forecasted and planned likewise.


Brand Marketing Attribution  

One of the major advantages of our distribution system is the ability to identify touchpoints or events based on demand generation during or after an advertising campaign. 

Hashbrown’s consumer choice and behavior model can be deployed in real time and dependency on secondary market research can be reduced.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your brand grow by reducing operating costs, identifying new markets and serving the existing accounts effectively.

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