Simplifying Purchasing for You

Purchasing Manager will help you streamline and simplify your purchasing process.

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A streamlined purchasing process is every business’s dream. Whether you manage purchasing for a large organization or a small business that records every order on paper, there are always ways to make your purchasing more efficient and improve your purchase management results.

How Can You Do That?

Start by asking yourself, “What can I do that will make my purchasing faster and easier?”

One biggest bottleneck of the current purchasing process is writing ordering slips for month’s order, and wait for vendors to hand them over. Paper records are prone to damage, and you may miss out on any order as well.

Unorganized order cycle is another challenge that business face today.  Here is a perfect solution for you- Purchasing Manager. It will help you streamline and simplify your purchasing process-

Purchasing Manager for Retailers

  • Create Orders- Configurable industry-wise PO template to let you create order list with ease
  • Manage Orders- View, edit and update orders created as per your requirement and convenience
  • View Order History- Check order history to get insight into your purchasing and anticipate future orders
  • Manage Vendors- Bring all vendors to one place, and map products with them to organize your order cycle
  • Consolidate Orders- consolidate orders of different categories, brands and vendors for effective purchase order management
  • Order by Scan- Quickly add products to order list by scanning their barcodes using inbuilt barcode scanner
  • Share Order- Share your order list with different vendors through online messenger, email, etc.
  • Data sync- Create backup of your product data by syncing your account and ensure successful recovery upon re-installing the app

Purchasing Manager for Vendors

  • Collect Orders- No need to visit any retailer’s location. Receive orders from different retailers easily
  • Consolidate Orders-  Manage and organize orders from different retailers for different products efficiently
  • Manage Retailers- Get all your retailers from different locations at one place

Purchasing Manager for Brands

  • Receive Orders- Collect orders from different vendors easily
  • Manage Vendors- Manage all your vendors for different product categories
  • Manage Retailers- Manage multiple retailers from a single place

Purchasing Manager is fully customizable, and an ideal purchasing solution for all businesses. Download the app today to explore its features.



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