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You can manage your entire purchasing, from creating orders to placing orders with vendors using Purchasing Manager.

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Purchasing management is the core functionality of the Purchasing Manager. You can manage your entire purchasing, from creating orders to placing orders with vendors using this purchasing solution.

Following are some of its prominent features that help businesses streamline purchasing-

Save time & hassle with order templates

Writing and managing ordering slips consume a lot of time and effort. This purchasing software has inbuilt purchase order templates to enable you quickly create orders, save time and reduce errors.

It gives you total control over purchasing by enabling you to build orders, and check order history to plan future orders more efficiently.  You can customize quantities or repeat any orders with no hassle.

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You can also order by scan. Simply scan the barcode of the product you wish to restock, and it will appear in your purchase cart.

Centralize Order History

Plan your purchasing better with quick access to ordering history. Traditional purchasing system lack visibility and transparency in purchasing, and therefore, businesses end up placing orders more or less than required. Purchasing Manager gives you instant visibility into order history to help you plan future purchases effectively.

It reduces administrative errors and improves efficiency by enabling you to keep up with different vendors. You can email orders to vendors and speed up the process.

Stay on top of orders

You can mark the status of your orders as ‘delivered’, ‘pending’ or ‘Others’. You can also add a note about any order for future reference.


Benefits of using Purchasing Manager

Streamline purchasing

Perform all purchasing related activities such as creating orders, viewing order history, managing multiple vendors, and orders using a single app.

Simplify records

Keeping ordering slips or paper records takes time, and prone to damage. View order history to learn about your past orders.

Plan Better

With Purchasing Manager, it is easier to look up repeat orders, so you can track what you have purchased and when.

Avoid Delicacy

Configurable PO templates enable you to avoid duplicate product entries. You can easily create orders or pull up records for recent purchases.

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