Reducing wastage in a restaurant with

Restaurant managers can leverage the power of software to reduce wastage in the restaurant.

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One of the major contributors to wastage in restaurants is overstocking of inventory items. Most restaurants tend to overstock on ingredients that go into high-rated recipes out of fear of running out of them when needed. An add-on to the overstocking problem is that most ingredients used in a restaurant are perishable items or have a limited shelf life. This also leads to storage costs as restaurants need large scale freezers and other infrastructure to keep the ingredients fresh. There are several other factors which increase the inventory holding costs. All these contributors eat into the profitability of a restaurant. 

But it is a catch-22 situation for most restaurants, as they cannot take the risk of understocking any of the ingredients. One missing ingredient in a recipe could impact the reputation of the restaurant and can lead to lesser walk-ins and reduced restaurant customer loyalty. This could spell doom for a restaurant. Hence, the best strategy is to know what to stock, how much to stock and when to order.

Most restaurant managers’ focus is largely on managing the customer and operational issues they face every day. This leaves little time for them to stay on top of managing their inventory and orders. provides restaurants managers with an intelligent system which helps optimize the purchase cycle, so that the inventory is stocked appropriately and thereby reducing over or understocking. While inventory mistakes in a restaurant are inevitable, reduces these mistakes so that it will not impact your profitability. 

Restaurant managers can leverage the power of software in the following ways -  

Intelligent Sales Forecasts gives accurate forecasts on how much and what to order at what time. These intelligent recommendations are provided based on the order history of the restaurant. As the user, the restaurant owner in this case places the initial orders, the AI powered process will analyse the orders, quantities and frequency of orders and provide accurate forecasts. These can be converted into purchase orders with the click of a button. 

Easy Ordering

Ordering is very easy and intuitive on The user can quickly go through the product list and add them to the order form with the preferred quantities. After adding the vendor details, he can send the order by the click of a button directly to the vendor.  Apart from that enables restaurant to perform a whole variety of tasks such as consolidating order view, re-ordering, product management and various filters to order. It is a far more efficient and effective way than the more traditional ways of pen and paper ordering.  

Vendor Management boasts a simple and intuitive vendor management system. Restaurant managers can send orders, track them and manage all their vendors from a single place in the application. 

Don’t just take our word for it, give the application a test ride. is available for download on play store/ app store.  


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