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Purchasing Manager- Consolidate Purchase Orders

‘When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there.’ – Steve Jobs


Guru Cingh

There was this small convenience store right outside the street where my house stood. The board above the shop simply said, ‘Ashok’. Ashok was the name of the proprietor, of course. My first task each day was to go up to his shop, get six eggs and half-a-loaf of bread. I was also sent there to get cold drinks when we had special guests or the plain jane glucose ones when the not-so-special-ones arrived. It was also the appropriate spot to buy a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap if you were too keen on taking a shower. You could also rent comics from him but we will not talk about that as that brings good memories and they can mess up with your peace of mind.                  

That shop catered to needs of a few thousand residents in that dingy neighborhood and I don’t recall ever being sent home for lack of one product or another. The area it occupied was less than an average room in our house and our house was less than average in size.

Not until we at Hashbrown, started working on Order and Supply chain management for HoReCa companies, did I realize the quiet genius of your neighborhood merchant. The success of a businessman lies in being able to serve your customer effectively, no matter what it is that you do.


Retail is a brutal business.

With its high fixed costs, fickle customer base and low barrier for competition to enter, retail is not everyone’s cup of joe. You need physical space, inventory, people to run the shop and well-oiled supply chain to ensure that your customer does not return empty-handed. And then you have to deal with wastage or undersupply.

We at Hashbrown, are not Gods, so we cannot solve all your problems. But we can solve one and do so pretty effectively.


And thank God, there is some help…

Purchasing Manager is the answer to some of your prayers. It is a simple hand-held tool much like a hammer, only a lot more dexterous and totally safe for children and floor staff, that lets you manage all your orders to all your suppliers. That is, it, plain and simple.

It is not a big bulky software. It is a simple but robust mobile application that helps a small grocer, or a big one for that matter. A restaurant owner or a purchase manager for a large chain to manage all the purchases in real time.

Purchasing Manager is a wonderful mobile application for retailer, brands, and suppliers. You can add, edit, update, delete and share purchase orders with multiple suppliers using online messenger, email, and text. You can add as many orders as you want using this retailers order app and save it for future reference.


The Purchase Manager App<


Salient Feature






  • Create Purchase orders- Just enter as many product orders as you want to the list with a few taps

  • Share Order List- Choose your distributor/s and share the saved order lists with them via online messenger, email, and text

  • Barcode Reader- Inbuilt barcode reader to fetch the distributor details directly and reduce your manual efforts

  • Review Order History- Track and monitor your past orders just by choosing the product or distributor and get an insight into your inventory management

  • Purchase Prediction- based on your past purchase orders, algorithms and pattern recognition, this purchase order management app will help you forecast your future orders.


You can download Purchasing Manager application here.

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