Purchasing.ai – Intelligent Insights for Retail

Data driven decision making for everyday purchase and ordering.

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(Data experts at Wal-Mart mined data post Hurricane Charley and successfully predicted the most increase in scale, ahead of a hurricane was for beer. It was not for flashlights, or water or canned goods, but beer. Ever wonder if you could discern your customer better?) 

Purchasing.ai is first amongst its equal when it comes to democratization of data driven decision making. It is a unique product that empowers retail and outlet to better understand the decision-making process of their customers. 

As a merchant what you buy is what you sell and what you sell is what you buy and between these two processes a lot of value may be unlocked if the information if processed intelligently.

Purchasing.ai lets a business do that. Firstly, it simplifies order generation. A key aspect of business. Then it analyses orders, products, fulfillment process to create a more efficient picture of your business.  

By employing natural language processing and entity extraction specifically, purchasing.ai processes product information in whichever form you have and cleans it up for you. Of course, there is a manual override and correction process to guide the machines, as they learn more about the behavior and enhances the order and purchasing cycle.

Download the app now and enjoy a 15-day trial and if you like what you see, you are entitled to a discounted special price of 9.99$.


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