Purchasing.Ai – First Step to an Intelligent Procurement Process

Grand Vision, Small Steps and Real users as customers, who guide us through the process of creating a software product for retail business owners.

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If you want to try our baby out, and not read what we have to say – follow this link - click here , while we lay down our vision for purchasing.ai  

This cross-platform application disengages a retail business owner from the tedious process of creating and managing multiple orders to multiple vendors, distributors and suppliers.  

Successful retail calls for sound inventory level and the ‘Ai’ part of Purchasing ensures that.  

Simplify, and then add lightness 

When you navigate through the application you shall notice spectrum of features, some of them functional and few of them leading user nowhere. In our effort to provide a glorious product to our customer, we overbuilt, and once we had real customers partnering and guiding us through the journey, we are on mission to simplify the process.  

The application is priced at $9 – one-time purchase. The 90% discount will run out soon. The input of new customers will not only help curate a better product but will also ensure that we build features that are specific to your business needs.

From kitchen managers to hardware suppliers, everyone is welcome to take purchasing.ai on a spin.  

Download Purchasing.Ai here  



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