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Place quick re-orders for your restaurant’s kitchen ingredients using

Having a well-stocked kitchen, is the first thing a Food & Beverage Manager (F&B Manager) or the owner of the restaurant has to ensure so that his business survives.


Guru Cingh

If you run a kitchen, be it a restaurant, café or a hotel, you know that you have to be on the edge of your seats to ensure your guests are never turned down with an empty stomach or a missing item of their choice. Having a well-stocked kitchen, is the first thing a Food & Beverage Manager (F&B Manager) or the owner of the restaurant has to ensure so that his business survives.  

Having a well-stocked kitchen is easier said than done. Every restaurant owner or F&B Manager deals with dozens of vendors supplying them various products. There could be some vendors who supply them 20 products with 1 order every month and some who supply just one time with 1 order every day. Managing multiple vendors, their products, keeping track of what to order and what not to and then finally sending an order can be overwhelming. The process of sending an order itself could be arduous if you don’t have the right tools. understands the importance of placing orders with the right vendor, at the right time and with the right frequency. Hence, we have simplified the process of placing orders for the users - restaurant owners and F&B managers.  


Using to place orders –

Create a vendor – Users can create vendors/suppliers by logging on to and adding a vendor by adding the name, address and contact details of a vendor.

Importing products of a vendor – Users can import thousands of products by uploading an excel sheet in a prescribed format.

Sending an order – Users can then select the ingredients that they need to order and click on Send order to send the order to the vendor directly.

Quick re-orders – Since most orders are placed at regular intervals of times and have the same quantities, the user can visit Order History in the web or mobile app and click on re-order to send the order to the vendor.

Ordering and re-ordering takes a fraction of time using It removes the friction and inefficiencies from the ordering process and makes ordering easy like a breeze. By using restaurant owners and F&B Managers can place orders quickly and efficiently and ensure that their kitchens are always stocked. Start using today.

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