Order management with purchasing.ai for restaurant

Purchasing.ai saves effort, time and money so that restaurants can focus on the things that matter the most – creativity, the food, and customer experience.

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Restaurant owners see the need for technology to simplify order management. As restaurants usually have complex supply chains to ensure that their inventory and stocks of different ingredients are always kept up to date. purchasing.ai is an order management system that aims to streamline ordering process for better order management.


How does purchasing.ai simplify order management? 

Purchasing.ai enables user to perform a whole variety of tasks such as generating purchasing order, consolidating orders and bulk ordering of inventory through an efficient order management software system. It is a far more efficient and effective way then using the more traditional ways like juggling between telephone calls and drowning in papers to manage orders, which also involved a lot of risks. Simply put purchasing.ai ushers it’s users to better technically advanced order management system.  

Restaurants generally have a complex supply chains for the various exotic ingredients they use in their exquisite dishes. Managing these supply chains can be time consuming and taxing but with purchasing.ai, restaurants can streamline the complex process of creating customized orders and sending of bulk orders to vendors. It saves time by eliminating manual or redundant processes thus helping in eliminating excess costs. And as purchasing.ai keeps a record of the order placed from within the application, it is very easy to track your order history, and repeat the orders, which is another feature that helps save time. 

Benefits for restaurants:

  1. Reduce the order processing time. 

  1. Make sure no inventory item is missing. 

  1. Keep stocks up to date. 

  1. Eliminate redundant processes. 

Bottom line, purchasing.ai saves effort, time and money so that restaurants can focus on the things that matter the most – creativity, the food, and customer experience. 

Purchasing.ai provides a simple and effective approach to order management through our mobile application which is available for download in Play Store/ App Store.

Feel free to take it for a test drive.


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