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It goes without saying that the most assuring way you can touch your customer is by way of mobile applications. To put it emphatically, if your business cannot be easily translated into simple digital transactions, you are possibly headed for a woeful misadventure that will most likely lead to competition catching up and customers abandoning your products and services.  

At Hashbrown Systems, we develop and program mobile applications that run regular operations, manage sales and employ data to create better marketing plans.  

Here we take a look at some of the products that we have developed for our clientele.  

Manage Daily and regular purchasing – Purchasing.Ai 

Apple :

Android :

This application oozes convenience from every click and tap. It is an application designed to do one thing and that is to send track and manage regular ordering for your business – be it grocery, bakery, restaurant or a spare parts shop. It ensures that you send your orders to your suppliers with utmost convenience.  

Plan better with Compass  

iPAD :

This is is a planning tool designed for and aimed at outdoor media agencies, media planners, campaign managers and brand owners. The application analyses millions of data points at any given time to provide intelligent insights for relevant stakeholders to plan an effective outdoor or BTL campaign. 

Marketplace for print machinery – Machine Dalal

Android :

Apple :

Machine Dalal is a marketplace for new and used; print and graphic machinery. It has over 5000 sellers from over 50 different countries and one of the applications that grew organically.  

Every one of this application is as varied as it comes. Some of them are owned by us and a host of them are on Build Deploy Operate model. This way we address design, build, operations, transfer of code and operations or continue operations as managed service.  

Check out this link to learn more about mobile development services or contact us to engage our team.   


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