Mobile Applications Connected With Your CRM

Apps that connect with your customer relationship management suite bridge the time gap between brand and consumer

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Locations, route directions, and estimated time of arrival are the features being implemented in transportation, food delivery, e-commerce, games, and social media. Moreover, through location-aware apps, e-commerce business owners can keep a track of the products being delivered to their customers by tracking the movement of delivery agents. Further, they can manage their own suppliers at the click of a button!  

Customers love the principle of ‘order, pick up and go.’ No crowds, no lines, no need to wait for delivery — just a fast and easy way to get what they want. A location-based app is essential to collect data about the user’s current location and let him or her pick up the order from the nearest store. With geolocation, it’s easier than ever to track customer habits. You can find out which shops they prefer and where and when they walk. By recognizing these patterns in behaviour, you can target users with personalized offers. 

Today, almost every business has arrived at smartphones through their websites. So, the consumers can access the products and services at any time according to their convenience from any place. This is why, today, small and medium-sized businesses like retail stores have come up with their own mobile apps that are based on geolocation to provide efficient services to their clients.  

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