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Manage Purchasing Like a Pro with Purchasing Manager

You can achieve significant cost savings from effective purchasing decisions and likewise how poor purchasing strategies may result in disaster.


Shipra Rajpal

Purchasing is a significant component of any business. You can achieve significant cost savings from effective purchasing decisions and likewise how poor purchasing strategies may result in disaster. A company failing to manage purchasing could hamper its ability to cater to the needs of its customer. 

Purchasing Manager by Hashbrown Systems provides you with an end-to-end visibility and control over purchasing activities. Following are some important purchasing activities you can manage using this purchasing software for businesses with ease-



-    Create, add, edit and update orders as per your convenience and preference. 
-    Create orders by vendors, by categories or by products as per your preference. 
-    Email your order/s with one or multiple vendors directly from the app.
-    Repeat any order from past orders and save your time.
-    Activate and deactivate any order for efficient purchase order management.
-    View order history anytime to evaluate past orders, and anticipate future order requirements.
-    Save, print or add notes to your orders for future reference.


-    Bring all your vendors in one place by adding their contact information to Purchasing Manager.
-    Import product data from vendors to save manual efforts of creating orders and maintaining inventory.
-    Set the vendor you buy frequently from as a default/primary vendor to speed up purchasing.
-    No need to wait for your vendor’s visit. Email your order or share it through online messengers.

-    Manage your inventory by products, category or vendor.
-    Create product list and save it as a draft for future reference.
-    Create, edit and manage category and subcategory to properly organize your inventory

Data Backup & Restore
-    Sync your Purchasing Manager account to save all data onto serve and prevent data loss.
-    Restore your data anytime.

Purchasing Manager is a complete purchasing solution for all types of businesses. Download the app now, and streamline purchasing for your business.

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