LocationWise- Verify Locations with GPS Stamp

Location verification is a tedious and challenging task.

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Location verification is a tedious and challenging task. Businesses invest heavily into such process to get better visibility into their data, process and service quality, but mostly fail to get optimal results. Paper-based verification process brings confusion, unclarity and delay in the process, which costs a lot to the business.

With a paper-based form, you literally have no measures to put in place and validate the accuracy of data being collected. You have to manually review each paper form and look for mistakes, including-

  • Missing or blank fields
  • Misspellings
  • Incorrect address
  • Illegible handwriting

When you go paperless with LocationWise, it minimizes manual data entry and increases data visibility, which are two critical parts of location verification process. Furthermore, it auto inserts date, time, and locations stamps on photos, so you can validate the data easily.

Bring Accuracy with LocationWise


The amount and speed of the data you collect are only as good as the accuracy of it. It means you increase your location capture and verification process by 5x by using our mobile application.

LocationWise app adds date and time stamp on photos as soon as you capture and save them. It also auto inserts location coordinates on picture simultaneously. In case, you are performing verification for multiple clients, you can simply add a logo or watermark to photos to avoid confusion and imitation.

It gives you a variety of features and settings that can help you ensure that the data being collected by your employees is valid and accurate. A couple of these features include date & time stamps, GPS location stamps, comments on stamped photos and share them using any communication medium- messenger, email, etc.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

LocationWise’s GPS stamp gives your team greater detail and insight into location data, as well as providing you validation of job completion. This data is also great for communicating with customers to verify proof of service or delivery. You can now easily avoid the "he said/she said" scenarios that happen when a customer says a technician didn't show up on site or didn't complete the service at the correct location. This alone can save you hours of time, frustration, and headaches!

Download the LocationWise app today, and bring more accuracy to your location verification process.



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