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LocationWise- Verify Locations Accurately Anytime Anywhere

LocationWise app is a location verification mobile app that can turn photos and videos into tamper-proof, permanent evidence.


Shipra Rajpal

Whether you are inspecting a property, punching-in at any job site, doing before-and-after work verification, or even witnessing any crime, you have to report to your client or authorities to prove your claim. However, you cannot just whip out your phone, and start recording as there will be no source to verify location, time and date. You need a secure location verification app for the purpose.

LocationWise app is a location verification mobile app that turns photos and videos into tamper-proof, permanent evidence. It gives users the ability to turn their cell phones into a true evidence collection unit.

How Does It Work?

This evidence gathering application has a very simple interface. It uses your phone’s inbuilt camera to capture photos or record videos and facilitates real-time sync with the app for further action.

LocationWise app auto-inserts date/time, GPS coordinates and address to photos as a stamp. Further, you can add your logo, text, etc. as a watermark on the photos to avoid imitation. Get all image data in CSV format and send them as an evidence to your client or any authority.

It’s a single app which provides you with all the stamps i.e. Date and Time, Signature and GPS to capture any moment or record any evidence.

Salient Features--

Date & Time Stamp: Auto insert date and time stamp on pictures so that you remain connected with those adorable memories of yours.

GPS Stamp: Get GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude) on the photos to mark them with a remembrance.

Watermark:Add unique watermark to your pictures such as logo, etc. to bring authentication, and avoid imitation.

Bulk Modification: Update same date, time and watermark stamp to multiple images with one tap. It saves your time and efforts.

Shoot Video: Record videos as an evidence or to capture your happy moments with date, time and GPS stamp

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