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Easy ordering with for your retail business is an automated order processing tool for retail businesses, it is a simple yet effective process for to manage orders, products and more.


Guru Cingh

Every retail business needs an easy and efficient way to keep track of the stock in its store and place orders for items which need to be replenished. Depending on the size of the store and the number of people who work in it, stock review could be very cumbersome as it involves physically sifting through shelves and use traditional pen and paper to take note of products nearing replenishment. This method has a few drawbacks: 

  1. Time-intensive 
  2. Prone to error 
  3. Not scalable 

Failing to do this at the right moment and in an accurate way can have an adverse impact on the business done by the store. Furthermore, it could impact the customer satisfaction and reduce walk-ins over time.  

A dedicated order management software that automates these tasks for you can help you from getting overwhelmed and save you from facing he above adverse consequence. With, an automated order processing tool for retail businesses, we have created a simple yet effective process for to manage orders, products and more.  

How can help you in placing orders? 

A visual check – On the application, by clicking on inventory or create order on the dashboard, you can quickly eyeball your inventory and add products to an order form.  You can enter the vendor’s contact details and place an order by the click of a button. You order will be placed! Yes, it’s that simple. 

Intuitive user interface – Enter into a view of a detailed list of all orders, inventory and vendors by clicking on the appropriate button on the Dashboard. These lists help retailers create an order with custom filters like categories, brands etc.  

Leverage a spreadsheet – A retailer can use the bulk upload feature to upload products into the in one go. This helps retailers save time and effort. It also reduces the chances of human error that is inherently involved in manual data entry. 

As illustrated, makes ordering a walk in the park for you. You can download from play store / app store and let it do all the heavy lifting for you. You can also request for a demo by writing to us on

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