Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Mobile apps for faster browsing and purchasing

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Enterprise mobile apps provide a faster and easier alternative to web browsing.  The user needs to launch a web browser and enter the URL and wait for the site to load for accessing the business website. On the contrary, mobile apps are quick and take only a few seconds to launch. As most of the information is stored in the mobile application itself, it is even possible to use it offline. 

As there is no waiting time, potential customers will be attracted towards your mobile app. Additionally, there are chances of them being converted into potential leads.

However, businesses must think through the support processes required to make their mobile app or device experience beneficial. If their apps don’t let customers do the things they need to, customers will be forced to go to a laptop or make a phone call. 

To effectively engage customers via mobile devices, there are three steps you should take: 

Design a complete engagement strategy 

Team up with your business counterparts to design a complete mobile customer engagement strategy, which may cover uses ranging from mobile marketing to billing and customer service. 

Many organizations suffocate prospects with campaign-driven mobile interactions that encourage them to buy, but ignore them after they become customers. 

Observe customers, competitors and other industries 

Start with a detailed study of what’s considered best-in-class mobile customer experience in your geography and industry. Also be willing to learn what adjacent industries consider to be state-of-the-art and customize your strategy. 

An overlooked step is to publicize and socialize both improvements and additions to the customer experience/capabilities. Call out the fun aspects and the utility of the application improvements simultaneously. Use alerts and notifications to re-engage customers that may be losing interest over time. 

Treat mobile analytics as essential 

Include in-app analytics to measure user engagement across messaging channels, mobile websites and applications. Not only will you find out how much time customers spend on your app and the number of visits on average, you will be able to gauge behavior based on live usage. Then you’ll know exactly what’s driving engagement, conversion and retention. 

Discuss with us about how we can help improve customer experience by bringing in mobility services and we’ll be at your service. 


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