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Hashbrown Systems’ smarter private distribution network for brands and suppliers.

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We designed and deployed a farm to plate procurement, supply, sales and distribution network for one of the leading processed food marketing company in India, with sales of a single category over 200 cr per annum. 

Hashbrown Systems operates and succeeds in the MSME domain and advices software systems that create efficiencies and growth without increasing costs proportionally. 

We design a self-serving, autonomous system that employs data analytics to predict demand, manage supply and optimize logistics. It also strengthens the supplier and distribution system with the retail network.  

The modern distribution of today is discrete with two sets of non-connected operations happening simultaneously.  


There is a huge disconnect and exchange of information is barely transparent.  

This slows down order fulfillment and increases wastage besides inducing other operational losses. Retailer either faces stock-out or has to overstock and both incur in loss to the business.  

Hashbrown Systems connects the operations, speeds up exchange of information that results in faster order fulfillment, lower wastage and creates a more robust demand cycle.

This visually appealing and simplified system follows industry standards, integrates with existing accounting software and ERP, follows stringent security protocols and handles hundreds of orders per day.  

Contact Us to learn more benefits of our solution to brands, distributors and suppliers and schedule a demo with a Hashbrown consultant.


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