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Collaborate Better Across Departments in Your Organization

Enterprise mobile apps for smooth communication flow


Aastha Khanna

With more employees working from home under the present circumstances, there has been an increased need for collaboration. A rise in remote workers and the decentralization of businesses in general has forever altered the way executives collaborate. This has resulted in a growing demand for enterprise mobile apps that make it easier to communicate, whether it's across towns or oceans. 

Enterprise mobile apps offer greater collaboration across all divisions and departments in an organization. Whether it is collaborating with a division in another country or state or a field worker on the road, such apps really make the process smoother. You can even collaborate in real time.  

Many different types of mobile apps are used in the enterprises today. According to Adobe, 69 percent of companies use between two and five enterprise mobile apps, and 27 percent use six apps or more. These apps help organizations increase productivity, perform tasks, equip employees with tools and information, and connect with customers. 

Not surprisingly, companies that haven't yet deployed enterprise mobile apps are at a competitive disadvantage. Most organizations are in the midst of developing the teams, capabilities and strategies. For this, they need to productively ideate, create, manage and deploy enterprise applications. In fact, even though mobile apps can deliver a competitive advantage to an organization, many companies have yet to modernize their strategies for this new reality.  

Is your enterprise ready to embrace the new normal? Do you want to discuss building a mobile application? Contact us and your wish will be our command! 

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